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Winter 2017-2018


A huge thank you to Sarah of Ember Faith Photography for providing all images for this article. 


Winter 17-18 has got me running for cover! Yes, for the first time in a long while H-town has felt the chill and even got snow…ummm come through trench coats!

Since we tend to layer up during these cold months, why not add a little sass to our top layer? Trench coats do just that for me. Add a fun and trendy chunky heel to finish off any look a la Kate Middleton. 😉

With the cooler season our skin tends to dry up or even look a little drab. Don’t forget we can bronze it up ladies, even if Mr  Sun hasn’t graced our face in a while. 😘 Adding jewel tones during what tends to be gray gloomy days helps keep me feeling and looking full of life. A ruby lip against and emerald top can brighten up even the coldest darkest winter days! Plus, you know I love my hats; why not show up in style with a little floppy piece for that extra pick me up we all need sometimes?!! Have fun with your style and you’ll see how much of a self loving tool it can be.

Besides the jewel tones, this season I am in love with all things plaid. But girl, I don’t want to look like a lumberjack… so I soften it up choosing the print in alternative colors and styles. What about you? What trend or style are you diving right in to? Share it with us, because as you know we love to stay on top of our fashion. 😍

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Hello Jack Frost!!

I’ve only seen a glimpse of you but thank you for letting me rock my faux fur if even for a night. This year my fashion tip for you is to keep winter cool. Embrace your inner Lenny Kravitz and Jane Berkin.

This season, I will be letting my eccentric sensual glam side thrive. You should too 😉 , challenge your fashion style by choosing some pieces that inspire you to be extra.

A cat eye does for me what a red lip does for Lidia. It awakens my inner Mariah Carey circa 1996. Cat eye ladies!!! Try it.

Two trends that I am feeling this year, one is obviously the faux fur. A lot of big names in the fashion industry are embracing this movement and I am beyond excited. Not only is faux fur affordable but is also cruelty free.

Numero dos, a sexy knee high boot should be a must in our closets this year. Color does not matter, choose what suits your personality but if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead, choose a bold color. Comfort is sexy in a woman but once in while allow your comfort to evolve. Per usual I advice you to think outside your closet. Stay warm.