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Wear It With A Purpose: Stop Yulin Forever


Casual Chic, I wanted to bring attention to the shirt so it was important I wore a statement piece that would capture people’s eyes. My necklace is from Saks Fifth Avenue, I cannot remember the label.


I use to be afraid to speak up about my love for animals. I would worry about the back handed comments and the mocking that often initiates.  I’ve also questioned my real intentions, I mean I am not vegetarian and until recently it was never a priority to help those without a voice. I had to stop that kind of thinking, I realized that there was a lot of others already questioning a good intention. Instead I started thinking if I turn my intentions into an action someone would  benefit. If I could get one of our readers to donate a dollar to this cause, that is a dollar that will make a difference in someone’s life. To those who wonder why I don’t advocate for humans instead??  For many years I tried to come up with an explanation and being unable to generate a reason on why I chosen animals nearly caused me to give up on the idea that I could become an activist for animals…until NOW.  I don’t have a reason I just DO and I WILL!! I am also working toward vegetarianism and since I will start culinary school soon a balance will need to be stored. I am aware of that but for now I will continue to  act upon any goodness that grows from within my imperfect human heart. These facts about me I needed to share because I could never be a hypocrite.


Close up on my statement piece. For make up I used a gorgeous inspiring palette by Tarte giving to me by a very close friend, The double Duty Beauty Limited Edition Eye & Cheek palette.

Close up on my statement piece. For make up I used a gorgeous inspiring palette by Tarte given to me by a special close friend, The double Duty Beauty Limited Edition Eye & Cheek palette (She dreamed, she believed & she succeeded). Lipstick by Mac in color Fanfare.


Back to the cause, Yulin meat Festival is held every year in Yulin, Guangxi China during the summer solstice in June.  In honor of this celebration thousands of dog and cats are slaughtered in the most inhumane way you can imagine. It is believed that the torture and fear the animals endure in the last minutes of their lives help create better tasting meat. I understand that in many cultures animals’ lives aren’t as important as human lives, shit I even recently read about a gorilla getting shot dead due to a neglectful parent. Don’t get me wrong,  if that would have been my kid I would have expected a dead gorilla too. However, that would never be my child.  We have become so desensitized and full of ourselves that we hardly pay any respect to nature. We go to zoos with the idea that animals are there for the sole purpose of human entertainment.  A life is a life; it should be valued equally. A soul is a soul despite of color, shape, species or physical characteristics. I am a firm believer that as humans we can draw a line on how to cohabitate this planet with our non-speaking planet mates. As the most developed specie you would think we would have this down. Yulin is not the only place that inhumanly and unfairly hunts for their food. We should respect and take only what we need. I once read that dogs use the same part of the brain that humans use to feel, which means everything those dogs are enduring during their senseless murder is as human as you and I. Yulin is just a small percentage of what is wrong with the world when it comes to animal treatment. It is time we stop being afraid of speaking up for what our heart dictates as right and help those souls that were placed on this planet the same way we all were. Every little counts.

For more information on this horrible event follow the links below. I must warn you, it contains some graphic material.

Dog Days of Yulin by Vice United States 

Yulin Dog Meat Festival by The Huffing Post

Where can you donate?? I recommend the Humane Society since it is the largest animal protection organization and well known.  Some of the money you give to them may go towards dogs rescued from Yulin.

My shirt was purchased from Iheartdogs.com

I love animals as much as I love fashion and if you do too but you don’t wish to donate you don’t have to. Awareness is amazing! By bringing awareness to Yulin you will be taking the first step against animal bullying.  If you are like me and questioned the Internet’s intentions,  that is ok. Instead, go to your local shelters and request information on how they are assisting Yulin survivors.


-House of Alice Rose-