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Featured image by Je Delachaise Photography

“I really thought about the fundamentals of a good wardrobe. You need a good blouse, you need a good skirt , a good dress and you always need a good jacket. Go-to pieces that will make you look put together. That you can dress up or dress down.” – Veronica Cheri

Every woman has that one fashion piece she wishes one day to be able to buy. A superb item she feels will compliment her success as an independent Goddess. To Lidia its a Birkin bag , as you all know she is a handbag addict. For me it was a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, and now I own three pairs. I worked really hard for the past 10 years of my life. They don’t validate my success but they are a pretty compliment. No, this has nothing to do with feminism or being materialistic but all to do with the magic that comes with being a hard working phenomenal woman.  However,  once in a while we have that one young woman that wants more than just a pair of shoes, she wants her own empire.

If you haven’t figured it out yet this post is solely about fashion. Most specifically, about a fashion designer who went for it. Veronica Cheri, born in New Orleans, is currently living her dream in Houston as a new up-and-coming high end designer. Emphasis on the “up.” Her brand VCheri carries pieces that are versatile and classy. Her pieces compliment all body shapes. High end yet there is an inviting air to her line. She has created clothes that can go from the office to cocktails with your girls or date night with your boo. VCheri will have you looking like you walked out of an Elle magazine shoot.

Veronica has created a line that is perfect for all women. From the stay at home mom to the entrepreneurs. Here she is holding one of her favorite pieces, The Valerie Jacket. A versatile chic jacket with a slimming stripe pattern. It comes in two colors.

Lidia and I had the honor to shop her line and Veronica personally presented some of her pieces to us. It was such a treat. Her personality is very similar to Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). Elegant, welcoming, high end and pro-all women.

She knows the fashion world all around including retail. Interviewing her lets me know that I wasn’t dealing with a girl who decided to just call herself a designer. Everything about her brand has been carefully designed and thought out closely by Veronica. We asked what she would say to a young lady trying to follow in her footsteps and without hesitation she replied: “Know yourself and your esthetics because that is what will set you apart. Really know what everything should look like. You have to have your vision. Of course, the financial aspect, because it is expensive.”  We agree, expensive, but not impossible. A dream without work is just sleeping. We have to do the work. We are not born “special” we are born to self create. Veronica studied the world in where she was going to bring her dream to life. Her hard work, fashion experience, but most importantly her individual character is alive and blossoming in her fashion label. She is phenomenal and a testament that hard work and self assurance will move mountains. Nothing is impomsible when you have that Veronica Cheri’s drive.

Reviewing VCheri:

I appreciate that her items are home made, made in USA. Her sizes are very true to what a size M should be. Meaning, it doesn’t run small or big. It runs honest. The material feels rich and durable. I am in love with all the patterns and how her line offers different unique staples. A little expensive but worth it. It is a high end label after all.

– Izzy

As I tried on that beautiful blue dress I felt I came alive. Her clothes fits so well and makes you instantly feel yourself! I love the texture and bold colors of her line. It is very evident the time, thought, and effort that goes into every piece in her collection. I can’t wait to see what’s to come with VCheri.


For more on VCheri follow her on Instagram @vcheridesigns & shop on Vcheri.com

Till next time!!

A VCheri collab with other local designers at The Launch