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Have you ever tried to explain love? I have a million times, and the only explanation I have come up with is that love is God. It is magic, unexplainable but real. Better than sight, you feel it. When you act up on it, you spread the magic. Love is in friendships, family, coworkers, its everywhere. Everybody has felt love once, every human has love in common. So why not celebrate? Yes, we should celebrate every day blahblah. We are humans though, life gets in the way. We are on constant busy mode. Valentine’s day is a designated day of love. How awesome is that?! One day a year, we can pause, remind ourselves of how wonderful love is and how it keeps us going all year round. This year I plan on using this magical day to spread as much love as I can because we need it. I plan on allowing myself to want everything I never allowed myself to want before on Valentine’s day. This year I openly want to be loved and receive happy Valentine’s day whishes. This year I will celebrate love with all my heart and soul. Allow your heart to want love and allow yourself to express love in whatever way your heart desires.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



Valentine’s Day in the Latino culture is called El Dia del Amor y La Amistad. Translation: The day of love and friendship! And although I love a good date night, I am someone who loves to spread my love to all those near and dear to me, not just my hubby. So, Valentine’s Day is perfect to show all my loves a little bit of extra AMOR! ❤ I don’t think you need to wait for a special day to express your love but why not try a little harder on the day we celebrate love?!! Hug more, kiss longer, love harder. To all of those hopeless romantics or even those who aren’t very affectionate I wish you all the best day full of LOVE, laughter, friendship, and lots of peaceful thoughts! I challenge you to LOVE, truly love, this Valentine’s Day.

As one of my fave ladies, Ellen Degeneres,  says, “Be Kind to one another!”

Xoxo, 💋❤


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