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Traveling Tips- HoAR Style

Hello ladies, so we all love the idea of traveling in luxury. Sex and the City season finale part 1, we see our beloved Carrie go from one fashion capital (New York) to another (Paris, France). We see her rocking and embracing fabulous couture, holding fabulous suit cases, and staying at glam hotels. Truth be told, unless you are dating a russian artist millionaire, traveling for you will go a bit different.


Waiting and walking will probably occupy most of your time. Heels will probably not be a good idea. 🙁 HoAR knows finances and comfort are priorities so I took this into consideration when putting my fabulous travel plans together. Below are some more tips that I tested that made me feel like my own version of Carrie.

Let’s start with booking your reservations. Be smart and plan ahead, the longer you wait the more expensive the flights will be. I don’t know about you but I am part of the Alaskan Airline mileage plan. If you have something similar then good for you, use those points! Try to use them to help save in airfare or better yet use them to upgrade yourself to first class. As always be responsible, if you foresee needing the points in the future then don’t use them for 1st class. 🙂 I actually did and it was awesome! Champagne, warm food, and unlimited attention; first class definitely felt like a divas sanctuary. If you happen to be a bit more blessed and are able to afford 1st class without milage plans, then go for it!!! I think it’s money well spent. Once you’re traveling plans are booked, I recommend you follow the tips below 🙂

For my first class flight, I dressed first class ;). H&M blazer($39), Old Navy winter white sweater($8.99), Express distress Jeans ($12.99), Pearl necklace/earrings/bracelet (gift), Victoria’s Secret Collin Stuart pink studded pumps ($29.99). Give this look a try 🙂

1. Arrive to the airport at least one to two hours early.

2.Read up on the airport security and procedures. For example what you can have in your carry on and what you cannot.

3.Have your identification and ticket ready to hand to TSA.

4. Try carrying only one carry on, preferably your purse, it will speed up your rendezvous with TSA. Also, you won’t have to worry about walking around with anything heavy while searching for your departing gate.

5. Be nice, patient, and courteous to TSA officers. Remember their job is to protect and serve you the best way possible. A kind word and smile can go a long way.

Next is hotel plans. For our diva on a budget, check out hotel discount websites (Expedia.com, Hotels.com, or Kayak.com). Just be aware that you may have to pay upfront for those discounts and canceling fees may be a pain. If you choose not to go with those then do the research and shop around. I will skip giving you advice on what activities to plan because I am sure since you are thinking about traveling you already have an idea.

Now comes the fun part: the fashion!!

Start with being clear on how long your vacation will be, this is necessary for packing purposes. Know what you want out of the trip and pack accordingly. Below is an example on what kind of outfits I packed. Use your camera phone and take pictures to remember which heels and accessories go with what. I have also included two of my favorite looks that I rocked while on vacation.

Organizing is very simple. Place garments, jewelry, and shoes together and take a quick pic on your phone


Out and about on vacation. Victoria’s Secret Kimono Style dress ($29), H&M Purse ($39), and Valentino Spider pumps.

Remember to pack essentials such as toiletries, hair needs, and beauty products but try to not place any of these in your carry ons to avoid problems or delays with security.

Dinner with the girls. H&M Polka dots blouse ($20), London wide leg jean($40), Express Yellow pumps ($17).

I hope this makes your traveling pleasurable and a bit more enjoyable. If you are a nervous flyer like me, try downloading some of your fave music, shows, or movies to your phone or portable device to keep you entertained. Order some fancy drinks such as mimosas or white wine during the flight. Last but not least, try some spirituality. For me the power of prayer works! 🙂
As always love,
~ Izzy