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This is a Travel Post: Boston & Salem, MA


Boston is like a dream, I’ve been plotting to visit Boston as long as I can remember. As if Boston needed assistance to attract tourist, get this! This historic hip city is also in the vicinity of another city that made my bucket list back when I believed in spells and flying brooms. Yep, I am talking about Salem , home of Hocus Pocus.


Beers at Dick’s Last Resort on Quincy Market. It was the weekend before halloween, the atmosphere was wicked fun.


This trip was a little more than a stop by and sight see for me. My husband, one of my best friends and her family currently reside in Boston.



Quincy Market holds endless Boston delicacies. From Asian and Italian street cuisine,  unique desserts, to the traditional clam chowder (chowda) & lobster (lobsta) rolls.


We arrived late on a Friday so it was dark outside. We dined on pizza and Lawd!!! Yep, the pizza left me speechless but I wasn’t prepared for what the daylight was going to show me. I woke up and found myself in the most beautiful fall I’ve ever seen. Spring and new beginnings is cool but I’ve said it before I am infatuated  with the process of change.  The beautiful mess of falling leaves is symbolic.


Sweater and faux leather skirt by H&M. Leggings and Sneakers by Zara.


The locals embrace this time of the year like no other place in the United States I’ve ever been to. Halloween was everywhere and we took it all in, loved it and asked for more.



On Saturday we started our day with brunch in Somerville. This area  reminded me of Houston’s The Heights. The food was very much different from what I am use to in Houston . European cuisine rules there.



One of my favorite attributes of the Boston culinary scene was that most restaurants have sort of like a hype man standing in front of their doors. I noticed most of the “hype men/women” were the restaurants’ managers. They cordially continued on inviting passing perspective guests in.  They politely promote their food right outside their door. I loved it!!


The Moroccan eggs & signature coconut macaroon french toast by Ball Square Cafè.


Food must DOs!


Lobster Roll (Hot buttered) by Rabia’s Oyster Bar.

Lobster Chowder by Rabia’s Oyster Bar.

Irish Brunch by The Mad Hatter Cafè.


Issa Look!

Top &  embellished denim shorts & boots by Zara.


“Oh come on. It just a bunch of hocus pocus.”


Salem is  quaint and charming. Like New Orleans there is an unexplainable magic to it. Although its history holds darkness there is an inviting ambience about this city.



Essex Street is what Royal or Bourbon Street is to New Orleans. It was laid out to serve as genteel ownership. It’s now one of Salem’s main attractions. Filled with little shops, old historic buildings and landmarks.




Yes Salem is home to a Harry Potter wand shop. It looked just like the movie .

Tee by Kha Kids, Los Angeles. It’s Tupac and Eazy E hahaha. Cutest Halloween tee ever.



This city is a scene from your favorite childhood movie and a frightening scene based on a true story hanging anecdote. Nevertheless enchanting.

Home away from home.

I used Airbnb, this home was named The Cosmopolitan (email us for details). The hosts were attentive and thoughtful. Beautiful modern decor with super comfy beds. The area where it is located is just as magnifique. I would stay there again.

. Super comfy with many cute unique designs to choose from. Mom approved but still cool as a cucumber brand. So head over to their IG and give them some love. Their costumer service is top notch <3.


It was Kairi’s first time flying. If you’ve been on House of Alice Rose for a bit then you may already know that I have a serious fear of flying. Once in a while I face that fear. Kairi loved it and felt right at home in the air. This trip was a dream come true for both of us. I would go back to Boston in a heart beat. Never short of magic, elegance, uniqueness, history, food and the most upfront kind people you will ever meet. Northern hospitality keeps  it 100% .

What are you waiting for?? Make Boston plans <3.