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Transitionally Lidia

June has always been our health and fitness month at HoAR. And with a recent transition and “first” as a new mom, I wanted to share with you all my current mental health struggles while dealing with ‘The First Time in Preschool!’ Let us not forget to maintain fit & healthy in this department too. Mental & Emotional Health is just as important and should be a priority in our lives as well.

It’s a common phrase we hear as parents, “kids don’t come with an instruction manual!” Sometimes I wish they did though. The thing about kids I’ve come to learn as a mother and a super hands-on Tia and God mom is, they’re resilient and super quick to adjust to almost anything. The issue is us as parents…we’re not as quick to learn or comprehend change. Or is it just me???!!

Everyone has their opinions and tips to help adjust to the dreaded first day of school (preschool, daycare, etc), but in my experience, nothing works until you go through it yourself. You have to be willing to leave your child in someone else’s care and be ok with the fact that it will suck for a while. It takes tears, friends, support, and sometimes a little booze (kidding, I only had a sip of wine 1 day!) to ease your way through the first week away from your babies. For me, it was horribly hard. Anxiety got the best of me, tears were nonstop, and I changed my mind several times, but in the end, we stuck it out.

OOTD for his first day of preschool selected by him! <3 Custom Ninjago shirt personalized with his name thanks to Jovis’ Creation.

Here’s what I learned, went through, and am still dealing with:

Day 1…harder on me than on him!

  •  There will be tears! Lots of them if you are a crybaby like me. My son is an only child and very much used to having all eyes, ears, and attention on him. This in itself was hard for him initially. But honestly, it was probably worse on me as I discovered I didn’t know what to do with my spare time or hands for that matter! Panic, anxiety, and not so positive thoughts sunk in quickly.


  • Day 1 is hard until the weekend comes. Then you discover Monday turns into day 1 all over again. My son wanted to go to school and “have so many friends!” But he didn’t realize that meant time away from me, and when he figured that out, he wasn’t quite as happy as he was on day 1. 

    Stalker mom mode on!

  • You’re not the only paranoid parent. This is where friends and support comes in handy. Express your fears with fellow mommas and confidants, you’ll discover we almost always share them. Tips, distractions, and their success stories help! I tried to purposely book extra work this first week. 

    After watching me pour my heart out on Instagram, my sweet friend Lala sent me this prayer. It helped me soothe my soul! Thanks again Lala!

  • Always, I repeat, ALWAYS follow your instincts as a momma bear! If it doesn’t feel right, if you have doubts, or if your gut just isn’t sitting well with its surroundings then change them. I started to notice things about the first daycare that I didn’t like, I changed him quickly to a preschool that felt was just right! There were cameras I could log into, direct line to his classroom, and more importantly; my son wanted to go back to school every day!  Making the switch after listening to my gut made all the difference.

    After seeing my son’s bubbly personality change a bit, we made the switch and it was the best thing for him! What a difference a new set of friends and teachers can make!

  • Not all days will be easy…but all of them will be worth it. Some days he tells me “there’s no school today mommy” but I know once he arrives he loves it. Sleep schedules are super important here! Ensure proper rest for you and kiddos to help with morning time.
  • In the end, all that matters is the safety, happiness, and growth of your child. My little miracle is thriving. He loves his teachers, a little too much if you ask me lol. He comes home excited to tell us all about his school projects and friends…omg he loves having so many friends since he is a single child. He is learning so much about sharing and being responsible and independent. All things he would eventually learn in life, but so nice he is going through them before the real world hits him in elementary and beyond!

    With education being a priority at his new preschool, my big boy is thriving when it comes to school projects! He loves showing off his work every friday at pick up.


Share with me what worked for you, how you managed, and what helps you and your kiddos transition to new experiences. 


Gio’s Mommy, Lidia

There is a happy ending as we have both grown and learned to be 2 individuals during this transition. Always remember, a happy mom makes the best mom! A little separation creates independence and growth in both mom and baby. (Beautiful Selena mural by: @Empires13)