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HoAR’s Top 10 Fashion Movies

This weather is amazing for cozy night in and if you are wondering how to spend them, I have just the thing for you. You will need a big warm blanket, candles(real or the ones with the artificial flame), your favorite snacks, your favorite drink, a sweet pair of PJs, comfy socks, and any of the movies from the list below. 😉 Check out what HoAR picked as the Top Ten Fashion movies and see if any of them are your faves too!



10. In Her Shoes– It’s a sister thing. You have the older sister, Rose, a conservative woman with a great career and a stunning shoe collection. She finds herself always bailing out her less put together younger sister, Maggie, who always seems to get herself in trouble. Although Rose has everything put together in her life she envies her younger sister’s freedom and will to live her life to the fullest. To Rose’s surprise, Maggie envies her too! The movie will take you into these sisters will to learn how to walk in each other’s shoes and remember that a sisters bond is the most important. One of my favorite quotes of all times was said in this movie, “Shoes always fit.” I guarantee that you will love it!!


its complicated movie poster

9.  It’s Complicated– Meryl Streep its gorgeous and at her peak in this film. Opposite from Alec Baldwin, they remind us that good love never dies. After being divorced for quite some time, the couple reunites at a family event and sparks fly. After connecting with each other, their struggle to put distance between each other has become nearly impossible. Full of twists, laughs, gorgeous home decor, family, and love; this movie will become one of your favorites. May I also point out that Meryl has aged to perfection, her style is classy and shines bright!!!




8. For a Good Time Call– College enemies become adult BFFs and join the Adult Hotline business to maintain their lifestyle. Full of corky moments and modern fashion, it is one of the cutest movies out there. You would swear H&M styled the movie. The comedy is clever enough for your boo to have a couple of chuckles too. It is just a great movie: friendship, moderate sex content, and comedy!!!




7. Sex and the City 2  The sequel to Carrie’s love story. Again, like in the show and Sex and the City movie, we are taken  into the lives of four  fabulous New York ladies. Different culture, same girls. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda take on the new Middle East, or so they thought. Filled with fashion, life experiences, and friendship it is a must watch!!!!




6. Bridesmaids–  It can’t get anymore woman empowering than this!! A group of talented female comedians breaking movie records across the world with the amazingly funny Bridesmaids. You will laugh from beginning to end. We’ve all been there, or know someone, battling for the maid of honor position right?? Yes that battle.  The old best friend, the new best friend, and all the other friends. This movie is perfect for those not so good days when you need a good laugh. If me telling you it’s funny and that you should watch is not enough I have two words for you: Rebel Wilson!!!




5.  Pretty Woman– What can be more awesome than to watch a long-legged Julia Roberts walk into a Rodeo Drive boutique in those famous thigh high boots? NOTHING. Pretty Woman is the perfect Cinderella story with a sexy Richard Gere. The twist is that this Cinderella is a paid escort! The movie will warm your heart from beginning to end. It is a classic and for a second in time this movie will make us wish we were escorts with the attention of an uptight millionaire business man… 😉 Hehehe!



4. The Devil Wears Prada– Fashionable outfits, Fashion Week, fashion shows, fashion magazine, New York, and Paris! If that isn’t reason enough to watch then I don’t know what will. My favorite actress, Meryl Streep, plays a big fashion magazine editor who gives a highly coveted job (the position of her personal assistant) to the under dog applicant with expectations of failure. It shows you the “dog eats dog” side of the fashion world. Fabulous with a hint of cattiness, this movie will have you drooling over Anne Hathaway’s costume rack!




3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s– A story about the original socialite and the beginning of our love for the little black dress. Audrey Hepburn will take us back to another fashion moment engraved in fashion history. A young socialite falls in love with her neighbor and slowly shares everything about her past and what she wants in her future. It is a fashionistas must watch!!!




2. Sex and the City– Where do I start? Yes, romance plays a huge part in this movie, but the list of high-end labels in it is immensely fabulous as well. From Vivienne Westwood to Christian Louboutin, I guarantee you will get to experience fashion’s biggest names! Carrie finally gets her happy ending… Or does she? You will have to watch for yourself. I am going to say that if you are a Sex and the City fan, you will not be disappointed. Fashion, love, sex, adventure, and friendship all make for a great movie. 🙂




1. Funny Face–  Audrey Hepburn is lovely and full of charisma in Funny Face. When you watch this movie you will feel as if you’ve taken a time machine back into the beginning of  the Mod fashion era. The movie is full of photo shoots and fabulous couture. It is the perfect movie for those hopeless romantics with a passion for fashion. It will capture you from beginning to end with its talented cast and gorgeous settings. This classic movie will make you fall in love with fashion and love over and over again.



If I persuaded you to give any of these movies a try, I have done my job. 🙂  These movies will inspire you, make you cry, make you laugh, make you fall in love, and they will remind you of how important the little things that we often ignore are.
Till next time my friends. Stay warm <3
-House of Alice Rose-