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The Alisha Affect- Lidia Conquers Her Fear

Welcome to our first installment of “The Alisha Affect.” In these posts you’ll read about adventure, self discovery, overcoming fears, and LIVING life instead of just surviving. This segment was inspired by our recent Inspirational Woman, Alisha Wofford. We hope you come along our journey with us, and share with us your adventures and discoveries that the new year will bring! Read on to discover what “Affect” Alisha had on Me. 🙂


For me traveling has never been a happy thought, it’s more like a mini panic attack! My husband is a very hard working man who busts his behind to provide as much comfort as possible for our family. Taking over the family business has not only given him those opportunities but also has added a massive amount of stress and work load on him. For him traveling isn’t a luxury, it’s an escape and way of resting and relaxing from his hectic every-day schedule. For this reason, for the sake of his sanity and rest, I decided on our last road trip: I WILL GET OVER MY FEAR. His love for travel inspired me to try and conquer heights and plane rides!

Many people that know me just think I’m a homebody, they aren’t aware of my phobias or anxieties. But here it goes, flying scares the glitter out of me! In the past, for our honey moon and recent summer vacations, my poor hubby had to drive us anywhere we decided to travel (leaving lots of places out due to the distance). I often would hide my fear behind saying “I like road trips instead of planes” or “I enjoy the changing scenery as we drive in the car.” Although those statements aren’t entirely false, in reality I’ve always been too afraid to fly. My fear of planes and heights were not only holding me back but also holding my husband hostage behind the wheel for the very long trips we took to Disney World, Universal Studios, Miami, and New York! I finally said to myself “Let go and let God!” I started to feel selfish for not allowing our amazing time together to expand to the locations and destinations that my husband so wanted to go to, but that by car maybe wasn’t the best choice to get us there.

Although the trip from Houston to Dallas wouldn’t seem like much to any of us, the 5 hour road trip to a man that works over 75 hours a week might not seem so relaxing. My husband, being so supportive always, looked into the time of travel on a plane. Including boarding and landing time it would take just an hour. This, we decided, would be a great way to transition and ease my way into my FIRST EVER plane ride! The very short plane ride and motivation to see my dear Izzy (since she lives in Alaska and I live in Texas) were definitely the fuel behind me pushing through my fears. Needless to say, I did it! I got on that plane, I saw my dear friend, we achieved our Fall Fashions Shoot, and gave my hubby a break behind the wheel, all while trying to keep calm and begin the journey of conquering my fears!Fall Fashions 2012 in Dallas Texas

I’m not going to lie and say it was easy…but it was bearable. My first plane ride was in an express jet (tiny plane with no room to breath in which you feel every little bump and movement!) but it was such a quick ride I didn’t have the chance to panic much. It was a good first time experience for that reason. This trip gave me the guts to say, “I came and conquered, now I’m ready for the ride back home!” The ride back to Houston was still in a tiny plane, but I felt prepared and knew what to expect. As we landed, and I thanked God for our safe travels, I knew I was one step closer to being OK with planes and heights! For this reason, my husband and I agreed to return to New York but this time on a plane and for New Year’s.

New Year’s Eve, Times Square ball drop, the beautiful Holiday decor throughout the city, and our very dear friends joining us along for the trip, were all great inspirations to get me on that plane!

Lidia's New Year's trip to the Big Apple

Lidia’s New Year’s trip to the Big Apple

🙂 This trip was a breeze compared to the two and a half days it took us to drive there the first time we went! Since the plane ride was longer and I felt even more comfortable, I decided I might just be OK with this whole flying thing! The great part was that we weren’t so exhausted when we arrived, like we were used to when we would drive! 🙂 New York was wonderful, the food was delish, and of course our friends Veronica and Roland were great company. It was definitely a dream come true to be in the Big Apple for New Years! But honestly it was so much more exciting to see how much stronger I am against fighting my fears. I finally feel prepared enough to say “I want to travel, explore, and LIVE new experiences.” The part that makes me the happiest is knowing my husband will no longer have to struggle to keep his eyes open on the road during our long road trips when we take future vacations. 🙂

So where do I stand now? I can so happily say that although planes still frighten me, I will not allow my fear to dictate my journey. Dallas and New York were great first time rides…but I am happy to tell you I am ready for the next ride! Who knows maybe I’m even prepared enough for those REALLY long plane rides to Hawaii, Alaska, Vegas, or California!?!!


Cheers to LIVING life and letting go of fears! 2013 will only get better…



-House of Alice Rose-