What is hot this summer in addition to Cositas de Maye tassel earrings and sundresses? YOU.

Earrings by Cositas De Maye, follow this gorgeous lady and her creations on Instagram @cositasdemaye.

Summer is all about “self” and embracing what we are working with. For me rocking my curves proudly while I take a break from marathon training is goals. This summer I have a new home. I am officially West Coast-based and the weather here is divine. I am able to rock fabrics that in Texas heat would have been hell. This summer I recommend you rock some shorts, sailor stripes, earth tones, jumper/bodysuits and for the love God rock a bathing suit my darling.

I love light fabrics in the summer. They are classy, simple yet elegant. Olive tones and white button-ups are very European to me and I love to feel like I am on a forever vacation. If you are in the heat it is important to find fabrics that work for you since comfort and sexy are synonyms. You must be comfortable in whatever you choose to put on your body.

A little skin is also a must during warm seasons so don’t be afraid to feel yourself. Show off your favorite assets. As always, keep it fabulous, keep it sexy, keep it classy.



Summertime for us in Houston usually means travel to get away from the heat or creative ways to work around the hottest times of the day (I usually hide out till the sun sets lol). This summer I decided I would be a little braver and less self-conscious about my not so “beach ready” body.

Pops of bold colors make me feel vibrant. My handmade (with lots of love) tassel earrings were created specifically for me to wear on my show by my mother! <3 Check her out and see if you love them like Izzy and I do. @CositasDeMaye

Color. Lots of bold, bright colors are not typical in my wardrobe. Not because I don’t like color, I always just seem to gravitate to classics or staples; and they to me are neutrals and darks. This year I said, “Try everything once!” And that is just what I’m doing with my life.

Summer calls for cool materials. My staples are maxis, short summer dresses, linen, sheers, and anything that breathes. What are you loving this season? And what does summer look like in your neck of the woods?

Above the knee is not normal for me, but I tried it and was feeling good. Picked my fave shade of pink and felt vibrant, to say the least!

Join me in exploring our wild side and forgetting the norms, it’s fun I promise; and it will do wonders for your self-confidence!


**All photos of Lidia shot by Houston based photographer Jocelyn Tovar Photography**

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