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Spring 2015


Spring/Summer 2015

Spring is here!!! Last year around this time, I was in Alaska praying for  sunshine and warm weather. Somethings don’t change that easy, I am in Houston now still praying for the warmth and sun but we must prep for the new season.  With 2015 Fashion Weeks blooming everywhere, we now have an idea of trends and colors of the season.

Let me start by saying that I am extremely disappointed in what I am seeing for Spring 2015. The good: pastels, stripes and the florals. The bad: faux furs and earth tones. First and most importantly, faux furs in Spring have bothered me ever since Kanye West premiered his ready to wear Spring  2012 line during Paris Fashion Week. 90% of his work consisted of dark leathers and not-ready to wear fabrics. Why??? Not sure! In that fashion world Kanye is the spoiled kid that runs around with scissors without any adult supervision. Well, Mr West and his bride unfortunately have impacted the Fashion world this year, they are everywhere. They are like 90s fashion on steroids, a disease  for lack of better words. As for earth tones, well they are not necessarily bad I just prefer them in Summer when we yearn for comfortable and cool threads.

Our take on Easter :)

Our take on Easter 🙂

Yes fashion should be about expressing yourself and I am all about the unorthodox looks on the runaway, but can we please get some pieces that do not require a large amount of spending and something that wasn’t inspired by stupid people? It seems to me that todays fashion designers are targeting the “rich and famous” and they seem to have forgotten that the world is not all made up of celebrities.

Denim is timeless, will keep you fresh all year around.

Denim is timeless, it will keep you fresh all year around.

Lets get real!!

For spring keep it fresh and sweet. Its blooming season so embrace the florals and looks that will have you looking like a southern belle. This season brings the end of human hibernation. The winter blues melt away and we emerge with a desire to brunch on weekend mornings and cocktail hour in the evenings.

Spring is like a Celine bag; Fresh and fulfilling.

Spring is like a Celine bag; Fresh and fulfilling.

There is that huge “earth tones” trend this spring and if you choose to embrace it I highly suggest you keep that trend going into summer.  Earth tones against sun-kissed skin are divine (I’ve said this before ).  We are also seeing a lot jumper/one piece pant suits and cute short rompers.  Now when it comes to these one piece looks be aware of your lovely body. Always, when you choose your looks, you should focus on ensembles that will fit you. Never make your body fit the clothes. Its all about you!!! Worse thing we can do to ourselves is choose a look based on how it looked on a model or mannequin.

Earthy jumpsuit <3.

Earthy jumpsuit <3. Shoes added the perfect pop of color.

With Easter being the holiday of the season, pastels are adequate. Hell, if you do wish to embrace Mr. West,  then try a cute lilac scuba top with some faux leather pants.

~ Izzy ~


Florals, Pastels, Jumpers, earth tones,  light wash jeans, tulle skirts, high wasted shorts/pants, floral halos, chunky beads jewelry , floppy hats and sandals.


Zara Spring 2015 Collection



HoAR’s Spring 2015 fave store – Zara.com 






H&M Necklace

H&M Necklace














For me lately it’s all about comfort. As many of you may already know I’m a new mom, 🙂 and if we’re speaking honestly I haven’t been keeping up with the trends lately since most of my days consist of diapers, feeding, tiny cute clothes, and lots of gazing at my precious son’s face. But thanks to my girl Izzy for trying to keep me in the loop, I’ve seen a pic or two of a few runway shows. We both agree that fashion should be personal and we should take the trends as inspiration and make it our own style! Spring to me has always been the much needed breath of fresh air that we all crave after the harsh winter cold. And the current style trends just aren’t doing that… I’ll stick to my flowy tops, bring out the colorful pieces, and as always pair it all nicely with the perfect floral/bold colored accessory; which in my case my fave go to piece is a nice purse! 😉 Check out the ones Izzy so gracefully modeled for us in our shoot, they’re some of my faves!



Embrace your inner Lana Del Rey. Give floral halos a try.

Embrace your inner Lana Del Rey. Give floral halos a try.

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Happy Spring ladies!

-House of Alice Rose-

Photography by: Chesni Michelle Photography