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Sexy is the New Black

Mom jeans, my way, and I am still not asking for it. #sexualassaultawarenessmonth Photography by: Lidia

Mom jeans, my way, and I am still not asking for it. #sexualassaultawarenessmonth
Photography by: Lidia

I have always embraced my sex appeal despite all my insecurities. As women, we have been taught that any portraying of sexiness is inappropriate. I could never understand that, however I am for the freedom to just BE and some ladies still prefer to be conservative. That is okay too.

In my opinion accepting and knowing we are sexy without any external approval or validation is the ultimate victory. There is sort of a guilt that comes with that type of self-security though. On my really good days, I felt the need to apologize for my confidence if I posted something too provocative. On really good days, I also tend to feel overly cautious specially if I am meeting someone out late. As if my sexiness may attract danger. There are just so many obstacles when it comes to female sex appeal. However the main obstacles is always ourselves. If you are reading this, let me ask you. Are you sexy? Because you are, we all are. It is a matter of finding our inner sensuality and embracing it shamelessly. Now, you don’t have to embrace it publicly. Your sex appeal is yours. Embrace how you want it as long as you know you are entitled to feel however the heck you want to feel.

I’ll tell you why it Is okay to be sexy.

Because it is okay to have a career.
Because it is okay to be a mom.
Because it is okay to be a friend.
Because it is okay to be conservative.
Because it is okay to be a wife.
Because it is okay to be a woman.
Because it is okay for you to like you.
Because it is okay to be you,
Perfectly imperfect no validation necessary sexy YOU.

Define sexy in your own words in your own feel good way. Own it. No shame and most importantly no self judgement. Unleash your inner Mariah Carrey!!! I feel my sexiest when I am in outfits I enjoy.


Photography: Jocelyn Tovar


For me, sexiness comes from my mood. I tend to feel my sexiest when my husband is around, he brings it out of me. I’ve never been a confident woman but I do know I can play it up when I feel like it. Lace, layers, and little black dresses seem to do the trick for me. The look of a see thru lace dress peeking from under a black trench coat seductively just seems super sexy! I like to slowly peel off the layers as the night progresses. The way a great pair of pointed toe pumps elongates my legs, well that’s just an added bonus. 😉

Let your hair down, keep that head held up high, and allow your sex appeal to shine through!

– Lidia