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Pure Gourmet Meals Review


“Girl it’s time to get back to healthy! What happened to you?!” That was me telling the pre-baby momma Lidia to come back. Before my beautiful miracle baby, I was a gym lover.  I worked out 3 days a week with a trainer and 2 days beside that alone. I reached my goal weight and kept it for a while. My motivation back then was conceiving my son as I was struggling with fertility issues. My pregnancy, delivery, and post partum had a few issues, and for this reason I cut myself slack after giving birth. I told myself I needed to give my body and mind a rest, But 3 years, that was more than enough time to get back to it. I have dedicated 24/7 of my time to my son and I’m ready to take a little bit of that time back for me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my everything; but mom needs to be healthy to keep up with a demanding toddler. Pure Gourmet Meals came to me at the perfect time, during my New Year’s goal of dedicating time and care to myself in efforts of starting my ‘Journey Back to Healthy.’ That has been my motto since. It’s a journey, it takes time, but I can do it. I can be healthy Lidia once more! Watch me! 😉



The biggest obstacle I face daily is not  having the time or energy to prepare food fitting for my fast paced fitness routine. As a mother and wife one of my responsibilities in my home is to take care of our nutrition. I am vegetarian, my daughters is pescatarian and my husband has a eat everything but vegetables diet. Currently, major adjustments are taking place in La Casa de Izzy.  At the end of the year I found myself taking three college classes at once, while being a full time worker and training for a marathon.  No time for any sort adequate nutrition for me. I promised I would change that in the new year. So I reached out to Pure Gourmet  Meals.

– Izzy


Why we said yes to Pure Gourmet Meals?

Izzy: I needed help. Since I gave up seafood figuring out what to eat besides bad carbs is a challenge. PGM provided me with meals for 21 days straight including 2 snacks a day.  I was left with no excuses and as I submerged myself in my plan, I started realizing the amount of endless options.

Lidia: I knew having my meals prepped forced/reminded me to eat at appropriate times. Besides, let’s be real, as moms we always take care of the kids…but who takes care of us?! This was my way of caring for my well being  and kickstarting my journey back to healthy.

Fake News: Healthy foods are flavorless.

Izzy: PGM had me excited about every bite I took. Every meal they sent me was filled with flavor. My favorite was the meatless african stew. If you follow them on IG you’ll quickly discover that these ladies love food, understand flavors and value fresh ingredients. The meals you’ll receive are carefully planned and perfectly seasoned. They will change your mind about healthy food tasting bad and portion control meaning starvation.

Lidia: OMG, this couldn’t be further from the truth! I was so amazed by the amount of flavor each meal had, but not in an excessively seasoned way. Like true, delicious meals that felt homemade!

Biggest Obstacle.

Izzy: When  I said yes to PGM, I worried about the aftermath. What if I saw progress but couldn’t keep up with a healthy lifestyle post PGM?  I changed that mentality, reality is that I cannot afford monthly meal plans from any meal preparing company however the 21 days with PGM allowed me to value progress over other expenses. It gave me a blueprints and it allowed me to manipulate bad habits. What good is a $60 make up palate when my pants don’t fit.

Lidia: Honestly, I don’t feel I had one. Maybe just the fact that I had a family vacay planned in the middle of the 21 Day Challenge? I couldn’t take food with me, but being on the clean eating challenge made me make healthier choices while I was away.

Shameless self care.

Izzy: I had to accept that I am outnumbered at home and that sometimes I need a break from cooking two meals. My meals and theirs. I embraced taking care of my diet.

Lidia: “If not now; when?!?!!” I asked myself that before collabing with Pure Gourmet. My baby is 3, how much more time do I give myself before getting back to healthy? So self care, yes…but not shameless. Well deserved I’d say.


Izzy: I lost 4 lbs, I gained new knowledge and it kick-started a new lifestyle for me. I felt energized and happy about what I was putting in my body. I believe that you should embrace yourself at every size. Our bodies are amazing but I also believe that we should aim to always treat it with the upmost care and to never be afraid to make it stronger, faster, and healthier for ourselves.

A healthy lifestyle provides more than just physical health for me. It gets me mental health, the power to respect my body. Is not about the appearances but the joy that comes from being the best you, you can be.


Lidia: I’m not a fan of the scale so I won’t lie and say I even checked. But I tried on pre-baby Jeans, and y’all; they fit! Like zipped up and everything! That was so exciting for me. My biggest change was belly bloating for me. I don’t have abs, but it helped flatten out my belly for sure! Plus I felt energy I haven’t felt in a while, and definitely  saw my mood boost in a positive way.

For a woman fitting into “that” pair of jeans is not always about vanity. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind and we all can use a little of that. Happy moms make the best moms, and that is my priority! ❤️


As our time and partnership with Pure Gourmet Meals comes to an end, we want to encourage you to care for yourself too.  Maybe dedicating 30 minutes a day for your well being, whether to exercise or just be. Whatever it may take to make time for YOU! You are worth it. Pure Gourmet Meals has the House of Alice Rose seal of approval, we know for a fact we will use their services in the future and recommend them to our readers.   If you want to try out this amazing meal prep company make sure you mention you heard about them through House of Alice Rose; our readers get a special coupon to try out their first order of 15 meals (enough food for 5 days) at a discounted price! Use promo code Rose20 and thank us later. 😉

Pure Gourmet Meals New Pricing starting April 

Keep at it and good luck!