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…Now let’s get in formation!

Happy start of the week y’all!I wanted to start this week with a little throwback memory I’d like to share with y’all. Let’s take it back to Bey & Jay’s OTRII tour!!

Since my Izzy boo moved cross country it was the first time I saw Beyoncé in our hometown without her. Izzy was a big help to amp me up and a reassuring force with everything from my outfits, confidence, and anxiety when it comes to large crowds. This time around I went along with our dear friend and makeup extraordinaire, Ashley aka @GlamGirl228.

Ashley is someone I look up to for so many reasons. She’s a professional makeup artist that loves and embraces her curves and confidence. Through her makeup artistry she is able to help us women feel that inner Sasha Fierce (confidence) we sometimes need help to dig up. Our time at the concert was so so much fun. I gathered up the courage to wear a one piece bodysuit and didn’t hide my body under layers like I normally do. I’ve shared my struggles with weight and confidence issues post baby with you all…so I know you feel me!

Thanks to the encouragement of my girl Ashley, I felt fierce and ready to “Run the World!” She helped finish up my makeup of the day and vlogged our whole night. Did I mention we scored floor seats?!! We were surrounded by the ever beautiful Bey-Hive who came to slay, and didn’t disappoint.

@BadBoyRez & @ShannelWatkins


Did you attend? With who? What did you wear girl?!! Holler back and let us know!



Check out a recap of the night and follow Ashley for more on all things skin and beauty.


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