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Mini Mommy Make Over


When we began talking about starting this blog we both agreed that we wanted to take our love for fashion and styling and put it to good use! As one of our first projects, HoAR decided to give a makeover to a very special friend of ours.20120214-121745.jpg

Eliamar is our childhood friend. She is an amazing mom to three beautiful boys who take up all of her time. Her 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up so we thought, what better time to get dolled up?! She is already a beautiful person, but in definite need of pampering! 😉

We offered to give her a Mommy Makeover, but because of her tiny stature and natural beauty, we call her our MINI makeover. The focus of our mission was a comfortable look, easy upkeep hairstyle, fast preparation makeup, and above all low budget so that she could imitate everything we did that day and be easy enough for her to accomplish even with her boys around.

Her skin and complexion were great to begin with so very little makeup was needed. We used Bare Minerals powder make-up because we wanted a natural look and there was not much that needed to be covered. For her eyes and lips we used random inexpensive make-up from our local CVS Pharmacy. You dont have to overspend on brand name make-up for an every day look. As long as you apply properly, you will always look like a million bucks! 😉

Her hair was easy! A short bob with some bangs brought out her features, framed her face for a slimming look, and complimented her very well. For hair color we decided to go with a very dark Auburn that will be very low maintenance and almost no upkeep necessary because it was so close to her natural color. The hair stylist added a few long layers to add bounce and minimize frizziness. 

For Eliamar’s clothing we observed her style and defined what outfits would best appeal to her comfort, beauty, and inject confidence! After trying on a few things we selected the pieces that looked best on her. We added a blazer to one of the outfits to make it look more put together. Accessories and cute boots made the look complete! The earrings and boots were bought very inexpensively and are great for her to use with many more looks!


In the end her face, walk, and attitude said it all! “I feel so excited for my husband to see me!” said Eliamar, ”I feel so awesome! And I look pretty!” That was the cue to let us know we were done and our mission was accomplished! We enjoyed hanging out with her, watching her relax while getting pampered, and above all giving her a boost of confidence!


Thanks for your time Eliamar! We know being away from your family for a whole day was hard but we personally saw how refreshed you were after. 🙂

–Lidia and Izzy–