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Instagram #FashionFriday Photo Contest

Ok so as promised in our last post, Month-Long Anniversary Celebration, we began this month with a contest! 🙂

photo contest giveaway Instagram was the first of our social sites where we hosted our contest because the first day of the month just so happened to land on #FashionFriday 😉 But remember we’re doing a different contest every week in February to celebrate HoAR tuning ONE, so stay tuned for more giveaways!


Instagram @House_AliceRoseWe want to thank everyone who participated and made this giveaway a success! We noticed each one of the new followers, reposts, retweets, and entries. THANK YOU!








Ok so without further ado, the winner of the HoAR tote bag is….

@caitplusate winner of Instagram photo contest

Caitlin Croswell has been chosen as our Instagram #FashionFriday photo contest! 🙂

We loved how fashionable your outfit was and how you put all the different textures and patterns together! You definitely were rocking the #FashionFriday outfit! And the fact that it was all budget friendly was a total bonus! 😉 Again thank you for participating and we hope you enjoy your cute HoAR Tote Bag! 🙂

**Caitlin, to get your bag simply email us your mailing address and info and we will send your gift promptly!**

winner gets this bag

Stay tuned for more giveaways! Every week we will choose a different one of our sites and pick something different to give away! 😉

Until next time,

-House Of Alice Rose-