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The Indigo Rose Project Presents: Mind, Body & Soul Houston 2017


“Women Empowerment”

What does that mean to you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about “empowerment” and to me empowerment holds the key to the type of  freedom that every human is entitled to.  In times were the word empowerment is thrown around constantly I wonder if it’s losing power.

“Be you. Stop, Start, Go!” – Lakitia Woodard (Speaker of Mind, Body, & Soul HTX 2017)


As a writer, I am constantly looking to be part of those events that will feed that part of me that hungers for my need to know more and my need to help more. Often helping more means that we have to help ourselves first. We have to educate ourselves and understand what it is that we need in order to self-empower.

The Indigo Rose Project is a makeup artist company that connects the community through philanthropy. We coordinate events that help give back to women, and children who are affected by abuse, and violence. Our logo consists of a blue/purple ribbon. Blue for child abuse awareness, and purple for domestic abuse awareness. These combined colors make the color Indigo. My mother’s name is Rose. She is a survivor of child and domestic violence abuse. Her story of strength, and prevailing through adversity was my inspiration. ” – Amanda Lombardo, Founder of The Indigo Rose Project. Photography by Diana Simonetta.

On August 17, I attended Mind Body & Soul, an event hosted and presented by The Indigo Rose Project.  The event was a gift to women, a little getaway in the middle of the week, an affair filled with good food and great women sharing wisdom on how they succeeded in freeing themselves from the chains put on us by society.

“I exist as I am, not as you want me to be.” – Ana from Power to Prevail (Speaker of Mind, Body, & Soul HTX 2017).


“Be a Bolder Self.” – Rubie Landa (Speaker of Mind, Body, & Soul HTX 2017)


It was refreshing to hear these ladies talk about their struggles, how it broke them down to little but never to nothing. They rebuilt themselves and they were standing in front of us telling us how they used their “flaws” to find their strengths. “Flaws?” Who decides what those are anyways? Shouldn’t we as individuals have the ultimate say on that? They sure did make me feel like I had the power to embrace myself, to love myself and to allow myself to grow. They encouraged freedom, they celebrated the changing female body and most importantly, they supported each other.


Diana Simonetta (photohrapher)photographed the ladies of Mind, Body, & Soul Houston 2017.

I left the event with these beautiful affirmations:

  1. I am the master of my own life.
  2. Give yourself the freedom to be happy.
  3. Share your voice and you’ll find your people.
  4. We must speak life into our situations.
  5. You are enough and your truth is beautiful.


Me at Mind, Body & Soul HTX 2017, at The Hardy & Nance Studios taking in Lizbeth Ortiz beautiful, modern but tradition embracing art.



The event was fabulously put together. You could see the efforts of the host in every corner. From the swag bags, to the food, to the flow of the event. Smooth and straight to the point. We were there to listen to real women speak on real issues.  If you are looking for an event that will embrace self motivation, this is your event. I highly embrace it.

For more information on these powerful ladies follow them on Instagram.

Health and Peace, Rubie Landa @rubie_landa

Positive Body Image Promoter, Diana Simonetta @diana_simonetta

Strong Mind Food for the Soul, Likitia Woodard @asisterstruth

Positive Body Image Promoter, Ana @powertoprevail