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If the Shoe Fits

“If you ask me to name an  item that connects me to Lidia, something we both instantly consider a symbol of strength, fun and women empowerment …I would say a beautiful pair of heels. “



Oh fairy tales, you made every young girl day dream about impossible. You helped us create standards that our lovers would never meet. Or so I think, but fairy tales can’t be all bad, they can be wonderful. However, we have to stop aiming for the impossible in life. Let’s be realistic. We cannot continue to believe that Prince Charming can only be a male on a white horse with a castle and endless wealth. Maybe he or she is just a human giving his or her best, to make us smile. Hoping they can make us happy if even for a second. Any selfless action despite of its size is priceless. Why do we forget that?


A night of girl talk, shoe shopping and lots of love.

A night of girl talk, shoe shopping and lots of love.


One of my birthday fairy tales went a little something like this. A woman dropped everything she was doing one afternoon and planned a fabulous evening based on what she knew and loved about me. Based on our joint love for fashion and food, she wanted to make my day. She wanted me to know that I was worth another human’s affection. She wanted to make me feel unconditionally happy.





Lidia and I have been friends since elementary. We connected through our love for fashion and stayed friends due to the respect we shared for each other. Now, we are more than BFFs, we are also business partners and like sisters. She is one of the most selfless, giving person I know. She will make you believe that you belong anywhere and that you are worth everything. She is the type of friend that will drop everything including herself to build you up. This year on my 32nd birthday, she was one of my prince charmings or better yet my fairy godmother in Loubutins. Yes, a fairy godmother in Loubs… makes any fairytale even more magical. YASSSS!!


Taking my glass slippers out for a spin. Top: Victorias Secret. Shoes Louise Vuitton. Skirts: Thrift fine by my Mother.

Taking my glass slippers out for a spin. Top: Victoria’s Secret. Shoes: Louis Vuitton. Skirts: Thrift find by my Mother.


Friendships like the one Lidia offers are important in life for women because it offers validation when we need it the most. Only our best girlfriends will know the kind of attention we need because they can relate. It’s validation that our lovers don’t understand, yet we need to survive. I am blessed to have many BFFs and on my 32nd birthday, many fairy tales came to life for me. From this lovely evening with Lidia to a surprise birthday party with every one of my local BFFs who have impacted my life in positive ways. This post is one of my many stories, but do know, my prince charmings can all rock high heels. Today stop and think about your BFFs, reflect on how they make you feel and appreciate him or her. <3


Dinner with a Princess in a a Fairy Godmother disguise.

Dinner with a Princess in a Fairy Godmother disguise. Lidia, thank you for all you do.  Not only for me but for those who love you . You are appreciated.


To another year of life with my girls by my side.

Till next time,