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Know Your Rights

The 2016 Presidential elections are around the corner so it is important that we all have some sort of knowledge on our candidates and what they are offering. Political views can get a little messy since these views are often based on subjective opinions.

We inherited a constitution and a set of amendments that are set up to protect and carry on our freedom. Freedom to vote for our president is one of our rights that should never be taken for granted (thank you, founding fathers). Whether you are for republicans or democrats, you should not be allowed to speak unless you are doing your part by voting. If you cannot vote you should still be educating yourself on every political movement.

In order to better understand the election, I have compiled some facts about some of our top candidates. I have also interviewed a Donald Trump Supporter, Hillary Clinton Supporter, and an independent party supporter. Check out what all three had to say below.

Donald TrumpRepublican, wants to restore integrity to our immigration system by prioritizing the interests of Americans first, pro-life, pro-gun, anti-gay marriage, wants to cut back on foreign trading, better health care, wants to make the country more self-sufficient.

HoAR: Why Trump?

Trump Supporter: Because there is a high volume of corruption that is why. He is the first person who has shown courage by addressing both democrats and republicans and calling them out on their wrong doings. He has a well organized plan that will prevent future backdoor deals that will only benefit “individuals”. He makes too much sense to me, he is promising us an independent country, he will seek to eliminate our national debt and work towards making better trading deals.

HoAR: Do you agree with the way he communicates with the public?

Trump Supporter: He is a tycoon, aggressiveness is in his nature. We all know Trump is a business man, a powerful one.

HoAR: What are your views on his controversial statements (example: immigrants, women, and veterans)?

Trump Supporter: He is for the veterans and he is growing. He was wrong, but if you look closely he is trying. He has done minority outreach since those statements. There is room to grow there.

HoAR: One good thing you believe he will achieve while in office?

Trump Supporter: He will repair our economy and strengthen our Military.

Hillary Clinton Democrat, wants a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage , stricter gun laws, higher taxed for the wealthiest, pro-Affordable Care Act, better education plan, proposes a veteran-centric reform agenda that revitalizes the VA—not privatize it.

HoAR: Why Hillary?

Hillary Supporter: Hillary is the safest choice at this point. I feel disappointed that we don’t have better candidates, and the GOP candidate has led such a hateful campaign that it frightens me that he may be president. Clinton does have government experience that at the end of the day is invaluable when someone becomes the leader of such a powerful country. I want my son to live in a peaceful world.

HoAR: Do you agree with Affordable Care Act?

Hillary Supporter: I agree that our country needs universal health care. I think the Affordable Care Act could be much better and provide better coverage for ALL. It appears to me that the insurance companies continue to benefit more than the consumer. I personally had my coverage decrease in quality and increase in price.

HoAR: What are your thoughts on her current FBI investigation?

Hillary Supporter: I feel she could’ve come forward sooner to be held accountable for her use of personal email. However, she has a whole set of people who work with her and should’ve advised her better. She’s a politician and like many, will have faults that become scrutinized during a presidential campaign. I don’t think her faults are terrible.

HoAR: One good thing you believe she will achieve while in office?

Hillary Supporter: I am hopeful that she will provide a path to citizenship to the immigrants that have shown good moral conduct, paid taxes and embraced the US as their home. I believe the separation of families is devastating, cruel and unnecessary for the millions of children who are American citizens.

Independent Party– An independent or nonpartisan politician is an individual politician not affiliated to any political party. There are numerous reasons why someone may stand for office as an independent. Independents may support policies which are different from those of the major political parties.

HoAR: Why independent?

Independent Party: Because I am a modern feminist who believes in human and animal rights. I think that we need an immigration plan that will benefit those looking for opportunity and the country’s economy. Gay rights are civil rights. Their sexual preference should be as private as my favorite sexual position. Religion should be respected and since our country was built under God it should remain under God. I do believe that racism is alive. However, when I think of the word racists, caucasian is not the only culture that always stands out to me. I believe that we should all learn how to agree to disagree. I believe in acceptance. Most important I believe that we need a better education system, we need to spank our children more, we need to value our seniors, respect women, take care of our veterans and embrace losing gracefully.

Now, inform yourself and  go VOTE!!!

Till next time,