Houston is becoming widely known not only for its chill vibes but lately also being a hotspot for bloggers. I don’t know about you but when I give my follow to anyone they have to bring something to my brunch table. Influence me, please. Here are the bloggers whose Instagram feeds actually feed my creative appetite, and if you are looking for inspiration I suggest you hit that follow button on them.

1.  Laura from @sireneworld– Her feed will take you back to early mid 90’s. Her style is very sweet, retro, innocent, yet packed with unspoken freedom. 70’s mixed with 90’s. If I had to describe her energy: Latina fairy born in Salem, MA but raised in Coachella vibes haha. Her Instagram is a work of art. Her curls are as alluring as her curves, her smile as big as her heart (I know her), and her fashion is timeless like the vintage accessories she chooses to decorate herself with.

“Fashion is about incorporating things I appreciate about the world into my style. Anything that brings me joy, whether it be animals, bugs, plants, or fruits. They are all simple things, but they represent so much happiness. I like looking in the mirror and seeing that feeling reflected back to me.” – Laura


My Laura inspired look is about freedom and the art of being timeless.


2.  Crystal from @crystalmakeup – Is she a make up artist, comedian,           fashion blogger or just a girl from the Bronx paving her own way in the Instagram world? She is a hustler, so all of the above.  Crystal will inspire you to live your best life and wear whatever the fuck you want while reminding you to not take life too serious. This mom of four boys’ Instragram will take you from lounging in her two piece bathing suit (proudly rocking her grown woman curves) in the south  to rocking her glamorous bodysuit and high end label heels in the Bronx winter. Puerto Rican, thriving in the south repping the Bronx. Her fashion style is glamorous with a side of street. Check her out!!

“Fashion to me is expressing on the outside how your feelings and personality is. It can be art.” – Crystal

Edge, is what I think when I think of Crystal. I came here to slay and if the sun is in my eyes fuck the sun too because I’ll still slay. Sexy, remarkable, glamorous Crystal from the block.


3. Valerie from @thevalaroundtown –  If you are a new blogger and you catch Val’s attention consider that a gift from the blogger gods. She is an influencer, she knows her craft.  Her feed is filled with moments of social events in Houston you should be attending if you are serious about your blog . Her fashion is classy with a side of fun. Always on the go, always hustling.  First you’ll wonder how she does it, then she will have you doing what you always wanted to do. She is that kind of energy, the kind that will remind you that all you need is creativity, hard work, your will and some fabulous shoes. INFLUENCE.

“My style is the combination of the fashion baby of Betsey Johnson and Ralph Lauren. Classy yet Sassy!” – Val

I wanted to captured Val’s hustler vibe. When I think of Val, I think winner, go getter.


4. Esmesha from @esmesha_campbell – The words that come to my mind when I think  about Esmesha’s Instagram feed: fierce AF. You know those outfits you see in Vogue & Elle magazine ads? You’ll see Esmesha rocking them on her IG. Vibrant, soulful, chic & fearless. The day I met her I fell in love with crop tops because she was rocking one so proudly. There is something magical about a woman who has the ability to inspire others  to wear something that we often fear to even try on. Just by being herself and rocking what the lord gave her. Her feed is class, taste and style all the way. She will have you embracing yourself from the tip of your toes all the way to the crown on your head. 

“My style philosophy is simple: Just follow your heart and choose what makes you smile.” – Esmesha

Thank you Esmesha because of you I own 3 crop tops. Fashion fearless thanks to you .


5. Lidia from @Livinlatinalive – Okay, so yes Lidia is also part of HoAR but let’s be honest neither of us is single-layered. As the creator of Live’ Latina, Lidia is currently managing the Livin’ Latina ’Gram. She will feed you elegance with a side of attitude. Through her style you’ll become acquainted with numerous local designers and small businesses ran by women. If you are looking for a new shopping experience or if you are a starting entrepreneur trying to get your name out, the LLL Instagram feed will keep you well fed. As women from different walks of life join the show to discuss provocative topics, Lidia leads the conversations in the most chic ensembles. Follow!!

“Fashion is my go to confidence booster and mood changer. It doesn’t just work for me, I love to use fashion to help my fellow woman when she’s down or doubting herself. A bold lip and a sexy little handbag can lift any spirit and have you immediately feeling’ yo self girl!” – Lidia

Lidia is elegant. She has this thing about her that even in $7 yoga pants she looks expensive. There is a hood side to her though, a wild streak. She has no problem with embracing her sex appeal. She is known for her curve-hugging ensembles.


6. Nicole from @lipstickandbrunch – Sugar, glam and everything nice. Nicole is undoubtedly one of the most influential beauty bloggers in Houston. Her feed is also a work of art. Light and color will catch your attention. Nicole’s sweet approachable demeanor will make you a faithful follower. Her colorful fur coats and tassel earrings will hypnotize you. She will have you wearing a pink faux fur in the spring. She is a mommy now and this lady is telling us that a baby is a blessing not a curve ball in life. If one of your goals is to be fabulous, ambitious and vibrantly beautiful, Nicole is your girl.

“I love dressing in bright bold colors and prints and when I do, I feel happy and more confident. I follow trends but I always wear what looks best on my body. The biggest compliment I get when I put together an awesome outfit is: ‘You gotta put that on your blog!’ “


It was important to me that like Nicole I reflected confidence and joy. She is without a doubt fashionable. However, my favorite thing about this lady is her smile. She inspires me to put happy looks together.


Are you ready? Now go follow and get inspired <3.

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