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Home Fashions on a Dime-Living Room Fall Transformation

Hello Fashionistas! Fall is officially here and while the ladies of House of Alice Rose have you covered from head to toe in your latest fall fashions, I am here to get your pad looking just as fabulous for all of your indoor entertaining!

So how do you make your rooms transition from summer to fall without breaking the bank? The same way you do your wardrobe! Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. No one expects you to run out and buy all new paint, artwork and furniture, but you can grab a few accessories to transition your space from the bright cheery colors of summer to the cozy warm colors of fall.

Here are a few before photos of my home decor. I have the overall view of the room so you can see that it is more open and bright for the summer. I then took closeups of the items I could make small changes to in order to create a cost effective fall update.

Houston Interior Designer-Karen A Nelson- Summer Living Room Decorations

Here are the after photos of the Living Room Fall transformation I was able to achieve this look by visiting 1 local store and spending less than $250.00. ( The rug was $125 of the budget spent) The actual setup of this room took less than 20mins, making this a very obtainable upgrade before your next party!

Houston Interior Designer Karen A Nelson- Fall Living Room Decorations

What makes this work?

By adding the brown textured rug under the ottoman immediately warmed up the space and defined a cozy seating area.

Removing the yellow flower pillows and replacing the with these warmer shades and attractive pattern we created the fall ambiance. We enhanced the look by adding 3 pillar candles with leaf patterns and a cozy rust colored throw.

Tips to save you time and money during your Fall transformation:

*Adding a small pre-arranged bouquet of fake flowers in fall colors instantly puts you on top of the season with very little effort!

*Another great way to change up shelves like these are to change the photos from family summer beach photos to fall themed pictures of your loved ones.

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