What I wore: Off the shoulder white dress and scrappy ballet flats by H&M . A little kiss of fall since I cannot wait. Make up by Brandie, CEO of Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics.

Me holding the Hollywood Hippie face chart created by Brandie herself.  What I wore: Off the shoulder white dress and strappy ballet flats by H&M.  A little kiss of fall since I cannot wait. Make up by Brandie, CEO of Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics.


Thea, one of my crossfit friends and one House of Alice Rose’s biggest supporters mentioned that she had a friend who was developing an organic make up line. She spoke highly of the upcoming brand and thought Lidia and I would love it. She sent me an invite to her friend’s Facebook page,  Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics. I thought the name was cute, I was intrigued so I began to follow the brand and discovered the CEO and creator’s name was Brandie Seifert.  A veteran make up artist with an impressive resume. From movie stars to athletes to beautiful business women, Brandie is well rounded in the beauty department.

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Veronica Smiley (make up artist, friend, and mentor to Brandie) helping with my eyes. I loooooved what she did.

I had the amazing pleasure to try out Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics and have my make up done by Brandie at one of her fabulous events.  The event was hosted at Thinking Girls Boutique & Studio (Stay tuned for a post on this upscale boutique and its beautiful owner). The event was a networking haven. There were beautiful strong business women there supporting Brandie and talking business. I felt like I belonged there and I was taking everything they said in.  I was there to try out the exquisite cosmetics and talk to the woman behind the brand.



Brandie working on the beautiful Tanuja owner of Love Bites .

Brandie working on the beautiful Tanuja owner of Love Bites .


Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics Interview

A brand made up of organic and mineral based make up formulas. Brandie, CEO and creator, is allergic to gluten and was unable to find make up that did not cause break outs for her. With the support of her husband, mentors, and close friends; after years of searching she decided to take the leap of faith and launch her own brand of organic products.

HoAR: When was your brand born?

HHC: April 2016, so it’s a baby.  It is gaining popularity very quickly which is something I didn’t expect.

HoAR: Where did the name come from?

HHC: Since I work with celebrities it’s a nickname we use to protect their identities. When making arrangements for them I would call around and say, “I need blah blah for a Hollywood Hippie.” That is where the name came from hahaha. I felt it was fitting.

HoAR: What is Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics’ goal in the make up industry?

HHC: Affordable healthy options for everyone. My brand is made here in the United States and I am working really hard on keeping it affordable. I like taking a piece of Hollywood and letting everyone taste it. High end organic products for celebrity make up artists but accessible to everyone.

HoAR: What is the hardest thing about launching your own brand?

HHC: Right now, making money haha…All kidding aside, balancing business and art.

HoAR: What is your advice for anyone who is considering launching their brand or starting their business?

HHC: Embrace your gift and don’t get caught up in skill sets that aren’t your things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whatever you do, don’t quit. There are so many resources to help you. Embrace your talent!!!


Wearing Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics was a delight. My skin felt as if I wasn’t wearing any make up but when I looked in the mirror all my favorite features were perfectly enhanced. I loved it!!! Brandie actually taught me some make up tricks that I will be sharing in future posts. 😉 My make up was done at 12:30 PM and I started noticing some wearing off around 5PM (This is without any retouch of course). There is something very fairy princess-like about HHC. It is clean, light, and comfortable but with an edge. I purchased some for Lidia and I. Which means, YES, I highly recommend Hollywood Hippie Cosmetics so start shopping . <3


My Hollywood Hippie face chart :).

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Peace, Love and Lipgloss!

– Izzy

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