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HoAR’s Top Nine New Year Essentials



1. Maneater Mascara by Tarte

Image from Ulta Beauty.

Because sometimes we aren’t  in the mood to spend 30 minutes putting on a full face of make up. A little mascara will open up your eyes, allow you to look awake and fresh faced; even if you aren’t feeling it.  The Maneater Mascara by Tarte is currently one of our favorites.

2. A Go-To Planner/Agenda

Planner by Nerdy Girl Success.

Organizing your days and budgeting your time properly will assist with minimizing every day life stresses. Whether you’re a student, professional or a stay at home parent; your time is precious. Unlike money, you cannot make time back. A planner will encourage goal accountability.

3. A Budget Plan

Good finances are essential at every age. Understanding the importance of staying within a personally set budget will save you from loosing sleep over money. Knowing how much money you are making and how much you are spending will force accountability. There are two things you should have respect for, that is time and money.

4. Realistic Monthly Goals

As adults one of the things that can create anxiety  is feeling like we aren’t doing enough. Feeling unaccomplished. This year focus on making realistic monthly goal lists and focus on checking those items off. Make sure the list is something that is attainable and that will bring a benefit to your every day life and ultimately have impact on any long term goals you may have.

5. Fenty Beauty-Trophy Wife Highlighter

Image from Fenty Beauty

We usually say “maybe” to trends since we are free-thinkers who love fashion for more than just the “what’s hot right now.” However, there is one trendy make up brand we are currently feeling: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. The ‘Trophy Wife’ Highlighter is the bomb! It is diverse with a touch of “extra.” We all need a little extra sometimes. 😉 This highlighter will make you shine bright like a diamond for sure. Have you tried it?

6. Sexy Red Boots

Who doesn’t want to feel their best always?! And we all know a good pair of boots are a Fall & Winter staple, so why not go bold? Red is always sexy and demanding of attention. Throw them on with jeans or dresses, dress up any outfit, and strut your stuff! Besides, we all know ‘boots were made for walking’ right? 😉

7. HP Sprocket 2-in-1

Image from HP website.

For our fellow hostess with the mostest, this cool little contraption is awesome. It takes the vintage feel of those old instant cameras and modernizes it by allowing you to also print from your phone. It’s an inexpensive alternative to the popular photo booths we see. Print and share with your friends or just keep for yourself, these tiny photo prints are sure to be a hit!

8. Oversized Hoop Earrings

Image from Lana Jewelry Instagram

It’s no secret we love us some J-Lo, but when we recently saw her in a pair of beautiful gold, oversized, super extra hoop earrings; well we fell deeper! Hoops are timeless and effortless; they can go with almost any outfit. Choose the style, budget, and color that works best for you. Gold is our fave when we crave this little gem here. Invest in a pair and have yourself a J-Lo moment…we know we will!

9. More Stamps in Your Passport

Travel: the sweet escape and learning of new worlds many crave. Yes we know what you might think, travel can be expensive; but with a little budgeting and planning (see numbers 2&3 above) it can be done. Travel agents are usually free as they get paid incentives by hotels and destinations, and going through a travel agency usually allows you to make payments vs having to pay up front. A lot of regions of the world are so much more affordable to explore than you imagine, a little research goes a long way. Flight tracking is a great way to allow google to do the work for you. Search a destination you’d like to visit, allow google to track pricing for you, and get alerts when prices have dropped! So go ahead, add a few stamps to your passport…money spent on experiences is money invested in you!

Let’s make this year happen y’all!!