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HoAR’s Easy Shopping Tips

When shopping for a new wardrobe, choosing the right fit, cut, style or even print on garments, is not always the easiest. Here’s a list of easy shopping tips to keep in mind when shopping for your next fabulous outfit. Remember, be honest with yourself. Don’t choose a size 2 if you know you are now a size 4 or don’t choose a size 8 if you are now a size 6. Oh and ladies…. Stay OUT of the junior section!!


1. Shirt/Blouse: Regardless of the style always be aware and honest about your bust size. Why?? Because how well the ‘girls’ sit will make or break the top of your outfit. For button up blouses make sure you can button up comfortably. If your bust is a size L and your waist is a size M then build a relationship with a tailor. It is not expensive at all and it will have you looking your best. Get it tailored! For halter tops with supportive band under the bust, make sure that the band sits where it belongs; right under the ‘girls’.

 Letting the supportive band sit anywhere besides under the bust will make your ‘girls’ look absolutely unflattering.

2. Dresses: It is very important when considering a dress to pay close attention to the fabric. Yes, Herve Leger bandage style dresses are fabulous, BUT the thicker the band the more unforgiving. If you got it flaunt but if you have a bit too much, then compliment it. Bandage style dresses are great to hug and squeeze your curves but choose a thinner band to hide the flaws.


Choose dresses that will make your body look good. You have to learn your body, know what looks good on you. As a curvy girl I always have to remember that curve hugging mini dresses are NOT my best friends. I am also far from being a gym rat, therefore my legs are not as toned as I wish they were.


I choose a length that brings all the attention to the part of my legs I am more comfortable with. Try to compromise with your body, always choose the RIGHT size because like the great Joan Rivers once said “Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits.”




3. Pants: Very easy, It’s all about the jean type. I know we have a million styles to choose from so our good looks might be ruined by choices. The best advise is to try them all and choose the one pair you feel the most comfortable in. Remember dark wash is slimming so if you are curvy be cautious about the light wash colors. Be also very clear on your budget, jeans can be costly.

-Moving on to one of the biggest hit this hot season, colored jeans. Colored denim could make or break us. Truth is they are extremely unforgiving. If you don’t wear them with the perfect top or shoes, it could be bad. Our best advise is to pair it with a cute tunic or you could always pull out the good old black blazer. However, if you are of slimmed figure than experiment with different style tops until satisfied.

-Our rule on slacks is that they are mainly for business purposes. Pair them with button ups, simple blouse, cardigans or the blazer for the ultimate professional look. The wide legged pants are so perfect. They look great 90% of the time on everyone. Why you ask? Because the wide leg and fitted waist balances wider hips and thighs! Everyone who lives in a pant suit needs to know a tailor, it is a must. Remember the color red = power in the business world.


4. Skirts: The best part about being a girl/woman is being able to be as feminine and girly as one likes 😉 Skirts do just that! With skirts all you have to worry about is your level of comfort…if you love a mini rock it…if you feel uncomfortable try an A-line style.


 Your body doesn’t lie to you, so try on different styles and choose the one that makes you say “Hello there world, I’m ready to play!”

5. Shoes: Simple… If they fit BUY them!! We love shoes, and in our eyes they’re all perfect. Just match the style with what your wardrobe calls for.


As always thank you for reading and we hope our tips help!


House of Alice Rose