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HoAR Spring 2015 Faves Part 1

So just like every lady in the world Lidia and I have our season’s musts.

My Spring 2015 musts are items that I cannot see myself without right now.

Roller Lash1.  The Benefit Cosmetics Roller Mascara:                                                   This mascara works like hair rollers. It curls and lifts the lashes making them appear bigger and fuller. My search for the prefect mascara ended the day I was introduced to this wonderful cosmetic. I highly recommended it. Falsies are not an option for me. I hate them so it was important for me to find a mascara that would give me that falsies’ look.


2. Laura Mercier “Wild Orchid” lipstick: This lipstick is just lip magic. It’s a nude, but with a peachy/pinky touch. I know that is a bit of a contradiction, but that is the best way I can describe it. It is a very soft creamy blush combination.  It’s my go-to lipstick for my natural #workflow make-up routine. Want sexy natural effortless blushing lips??? Then Wild Orchid is for you. (Unforntunetly I could not find Wild Orchid anymore, but don’t be sad because their “Antique Pink” comes pretty close.)

Crossfit shoes

3. My Crossfit shoes: It’s no secret that I drank the Crossfit juice and joined the cult(culture). I am obsessed. Crossfit changed my life. It helped me let go of two of my most unhealthy relationships; food and scale. I’ve become mentally and physically strong. When I put on my Crossfit shoes, everything is possible.


4. Coconut oil: The benefits of coconut oil are plastered everywhere. Honestly I use it for my hair, as a face/body moisturizer and for cooking.  Make sure you buy multiple jars of this wonderful substance. Keep one coconut oil jar exclusively for cooking.


5. Lana Del Rey concert tickets: Lana is that artist that sings music for that kind of rebel, lovesick woman we all secretly want to be. She is the 70s reincarnated. Her Houston concert on May 7, 2015 was necessary for me. Now don’t frown. If you’re not into Lana that’s ok. Find a cool outdoor concert that matches your interest and go and enjoy it. Its Spring, so get out  of your house. Music and fresh air are good for the soul so outdoor concerts in spring are a must.

Hope my faves become your faves ;).

Stay tuned for Lidia’s faves <3.


House of Alice Rose

(For information on where to buy our faves click on the pictures.)