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HoAR Is 5!

It’s February, and with it comes Valentine’s, Black History Month, Mardi Gras…but most importantly, our anniversary! 

This year HoAR is celebrating 5 years, yes FIVE! We have had the privilege of keeping our blog site open, active, and constantly changing for the last five years now. We’ve had slow times, and busy times, and times when our writers’ block left us to just wonder the world of Instagram for inspo. But nonetheless, we’ve had fun bringing you all a little piece of our heart, fashion, and personal lives to this site! 

We want to thank you all that have been there from the beginning; the subscribers, the supporters, the ones that constantly reach out to us about our posts and pics. THANK YOU! It’s always nice to hear from all of you. 

We will be returning the love with fun little giveaways very soon…so stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed to our site and social media pages!  You don’t want to miss out…..💋❤🌹