Halloween is just around the corner. If you celebrate this fun holiday, I have some cute diy costume ideas for you. All these costumes can be achieved with items straight from your closet or with low-cost items.

#1 “Nobody puts baby in the corner”

Frances “Baby” from Dirty Dancing is simply, sweet with a little sex appeal. You’ll need a loose light pink skirt or dress, simple sleveless white tee and your favorite pair of girly heels. If you are curly headed like me even better.

time-of-my-life baby


#2 “Como la Flor”

Pay tribute to one of the biggest Latina icons, Selena! Glamorous, chic, sexy, and legendary. This look was put together by my friend Ashley (MAC make-up artist) on the day of Selena’s MAC cosmetic line launch.

ash-sel sel-ash


#3 “I am not bad I am just drawn that way”

Jessica Rabbit exudes sex appeal! Ok, so this one may be a little tougher to DIY, but I happened to own a body hugging red dress.  I added a red wig and some sexy pumps and here is  my take on it. Try any red dress and turn it into your own.

jess-izz izz-jess


#4 “I paint flowers so they will not die”

Of course, I am talking about Frida Kahlo. There’s something  so eccentric yet magical about this woman. The delicate flowers on her head, her unique mind, and unforgettable features. She is a fashion fantasy to me.

frida ang-frida


#5 “Don’t hurt yourself”

Come on now, you know that Beyonce sporty/street look is dope. Super easy, you can make your own version of this look by picking a color that better suits you and faux fur accessory instead of the gray color she rocked in the video. Braid up your hair and voila! Lidia’s take is my favorite though!!!!

lid-bey bey-lid

Halloween costumes can be chic, sassy, sexy, classy but easy. All you need is a little thought, some effort, a dash of fun and a lot of you.

Enjoy ❤️🎃

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