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Hello 2018

With 2017’s departure and looking back at all my accomplishments and fails, all I want now is a better me. A more compassionate me, healthier me, stronger me, faster me, a more genuine me. The more HoAR grows the more I hunger for more genuine material. I want anyone who comes into contact with us to feel our passion on the topics we very carefully choose to speak on. Wether it’s fashion or life.

I’ve learned so much about myself and finding my peace that I want our readers to benefit from those lessons. From learning to walk away from things that do not bring me joy to proudly proclaiming my feminism, my motherhood journey, my professional journey, my fitness journey, my love for animals, and my dreams. 2017 was the year of revelations for me. 2018 will bring action, dreaming out loud and letting the savage business woman in me breath.

First things first …..the Chevron Marathon is up for me. Follow my journey on how I train and eat on the final days leading to my first marathon. Fitness goals are self care goals. A better you starts with how much care you are willing to put into yourself.

Thank you for all the support and love you, our subscribers and followers provide us with. In 2018, we won’t disappoint you. Many blessings and cheers to life. Let’s live life and stand strong together!



What a year! If you’re a fellow Houstonian, you can relate to what I mean. Apocalyptic floods, hosted a Super Bowl, worst hurricane ever (F U Harvey), won the World Series (Go ‘Stros!), Snow-Mageddon 2017 happened; need I say more?!! Besides the scares and all the downs, 2017 gave us strength. In the moment of bad times it seems never ending, but once you conquer and survive a bad time, you feel invincible. And that is exactly how I feel ending 2017. We can only go up from here!

For 2018 I’m craving growth and accountability. I don’t want to just say it, I want to do it and ensure I conquer it.

To begin, I am excited to be partnering up with a couple local boss babes on my journey back to healthy. I once was a health and fitness freak. A rocky pregnancy, complicated delivery, and super cute miracle boy threw me off the fitness wagon, But, your girl is ready to get back on! I will do it. Come along my journey and help cheer me on. 🙂

Accountability is key to ensure all I started in 2017 continues to prosper. This year I rejoined the workforce as a first time mom, was added to an amazing interior design firm, and with the help of some amazing women I was able to put into action the idea you all know now as the Livin’ Latina talk show.  I want to not only give accountability this year, but ensure I expect and receive it in return. You get what you give type of  thing.

And you, what are you hoping to gain or leave this coming 2018? As for me, I pray blessings and good health over all of you and yours this New Year!  Celebrate life and have a great one y’all!

-Lidia ❤️💋🌹

A huge thank you to Sarah of Ember Faith Photography for providing 
all images for this article.