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New Year, New Me: 2014

Preparing for new beginnings is exciting and filled with hope.  A new year offers you just that, a new beginning, or so I belive. Lately I have been spotting all this social media “New Year, New Me” mockeries, as if striving for a new you is a bad thing.  Geez social media, why so cynical haha?? I personally love constant reinvention. We are all entitled to our own feelings so it’s important to not let others’ opinions have any effect on ours. Do you! I welcome every year with the most positive me I can manage to put together. I look forward to “New Year/ New Me” inspiration from others.  2013 wasn’t the best year but I am leaving that behind and starting all over again. Yes, it’s time for a “New Year/ New me” kind of post. This year I plan on  focusing on four things; spirituality, finances, adventure and fashion. Notice family and friends weren’t mentioned? Well, that is because I believe that the happiest you make yourself the better “you” you will be able to offer your loved ones. It’s kind of a win win situation.

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Although I would love to give you tips on all those four things (spirituality, finances, adventure and fashion) my expertise today is only on fashion. Stay tuned for the other three. 😉 Today, let’s focus on our wardrobes and how we can update it to fit the new vision of ourselves. Like everything else in our universe, our wardrobe should evolve with us.  It should always reflect the success that we want or that we already so proudly hold. If you are one of our subscribers, I  hope that our Essential of the Month posts have already helped with building a list of permanents in your closet. Treasure those permanents and incorporate the suggestions below. It will make updating your look fun and hopefully help you avoid any over-spending stress.

Let’s start with the investment piece, as I like to call it. The investment piece could consist of a purse, shoes or piece of jewelry.  Something that you would consider pricey or a symbol of your success. 🙂 By success I mean, that  “I finally can afford it and I am so darn proud” feeling. For most of us it’s a purse (wether a Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chanel, or even Kate Spade). For others it’s a pair of shoes. How about the ultimate pair of shoes, Christian Louboutin?!!??! This piece will be the only piece in your closet with the right to be worn whenever, however, and with whatever you want.


Coach 2014 New arrival.

Coach 2014 New arrival.

Classic black Chanel.

Classic black Chanel.


Versace Purse and gorgeous Christian Louboutins

Versace Purse and gorgeous Christian Louboutins

The second piece that I would recommend adding to your upgrade is that, “I wish I could rock that” piece.  As long as it’s flattering, why not??? I love fashion risks,  I take one at least once a day. Sometimes even when I am in my work uniform.  This year I gave the big winter floppy hat a try, I love hats but never felt as if they would fit my awkward shaped head. About a week ago, I picked up one of my fabulous floppy hats from H&M’s fall/winter collection and threw it on. For a curly-headed girl trying to wear straight hair, rain could be quite dramatic. My hat provided protection for my straight hair and I got a lot of compliments that night. Fashion risk success!!! So that is it, claim your “Risk” piece and rock it! You may not be able to wear it with everything in your closet, but it will open the fashion adventure door for you. 😉


The floppy hat, my biggest fashion risk this winter. I have alway felt that my head was not build for hats. I went for it and I found a new love for hats. So go ahead, take a fashion risk ;).

The floppy hat, my biggest fashion risk this winter. I have always felt that my head was not built for hats. I went for it and I found a new love for them ;). Photo Credit: Lion El Aton, Cool on Purpose 


The last one is a two for one.  Neither makeup or hair are things I am good at. I often Youtube easy make up tutorials and beg my sister for help when it comes to my hair. Every year I make it a mission to learn a new hair style and a new make up routine. Lately I have been struggling with choosing the right mascara so I have become obsessed with stalking makeup artists’ Instagrams. I haven’t found the perfect one yet but I will let you know when I do. I live in Juneau, AK so finding a make up artist who will guide me in the right makeup path for free is basically impossible, but if you are in the lower 48 or even Hawaii then you have nothing to worry about. Head to your favorite department store or makeup stores. You will always be able to find makeup experts willing to help you. Yes, sometimes you will need to make a small purchase but trust me, it will be worth it. These young ladies are sweet and full of makeup knowledge (take advantage of this wonderful gift from the makeup Gods). Ask for what you are looking for, either a new day routine, night one, or even a sexy vixen look! 😉 As for hair, it may cost you a little more. A trip to the hair salon to be exact. Ask your hair stylists for a quick hair tutorial. You will never hear no,  trust me. If you have a friend or sibling in hair and makeup, even better!. Use them, ask for help and remember to always be nice about it.


Mac Cosmetics. Everyone's favorite.

Mac Cosmetics. Everyone’s favorite.

A Beautiful Mess' Top 20 hair Tutorials .

A Beautiful Mess Top 20 hair Tutorials .


That is all I have for you today, stay fabulous and follow YOUR wants this year. Nobody should be able to give you limits, either on fashion, life, or your dreams. Embrace change, embrace yourselves, and embrace others.  Happy New Year darlings!!
Get to updating <3,
~ Izzy