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Glam Momma

   Make overs are usually viewed as an opportunity to inform others on what is wrong with his/her style. At HoAR we decided to play around with the make over  idea, and give it a more welcoming meaning. We are not telling our Divas their style is wrong, but just showing them how to glam it up.  We started with Eliamar and continue with Jessica.
   Jessica is a single mother of three and serves as an active duty member in the military. Her current daily beauty regiment is simply facial moisturizer and she keeps her hair up in a bun 90% of the time. On special occasions she uses cover up, mascara, lip gloss and perfume.
When it comes to her wardrobe she keeps it simple and comfortable.  Jessica has a beautiful figure with a gorgeous face so style options for her are endless. Although comfort is a must, I wanted to show her how easy it is to glam herself up.  The look I chose for her was a “night out on the town”. We kept her hair simple leaving it soft and straight,  which only took us  about 7 mins  to achieve (with a hair straighter). The complete look consisted of a green mod style dress with an empire waist, sexy but sophisticated.  She is very conservative so the dress was perfect for complementing her best assets without showing too much.
    She wore 5 inch Jessica Simpson magenta color block heels.  She was not a fan of the heels, but at HoAR we ask our Divas to try heels at least once……so she did, and loved them!  For make up, I used her usual moisturizer and cover up. However, I added warm colored eye shadows (a tan shimmery color, and a shimmery coffee brown for the eyelid both by Mac), a pinkish blush, hot pink lip stick by Estee Lauder and a comfortable amount of mascara by Victoria’s Secret.
   We finished the look by adding Grecian inspired jewelry.  Jessica said ” I had so much fun and I feel so pretty. I need one of those hair straighteners”. She loved her hair the most, but seem to have enjoyed her overall look. The outcome was stunning, check it out!