Have you ever worked out and felt so fatigued your mind keeps telling you to stop, but you keep going anyway? A pain starts to gradually build usually on the body part that you are utilizing the most. That pain grows into this cry that continues screaming “abort these actions right now” and your mind goes into a slight panic. At that point you either stop dead in your tracks or you decide to tell yourself, “I got this, you got this.” and keep on pushing through. That my friends is what they call “believing in yourself.”


There are many reasons why you decide to keep on going, that reason is grand enough to give you the encouragement and fuel you need.


What if it wasn’t a work out but a fight for your life?

This year in the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I attended a Girls Gone RX competition. This competition encourages hard work, women comradery, and breast cancer awareness. The competitors are there to perform at the hardest level to honor the women fighting for their lives while raising money for the cause.


I was lucky enough to have 6 close friends compete and oh my God did they perform. There were hundreds of ladies competing and watching them in action was amazing. You could see the drive, compassion for each of their teammates, and the break downs. I saw that face of panic due to fatigue in their faces many times, but I also saw that “I got this ” face. My sister, a 20 year old young lady, must have done over 50 pull ups. I have never been so proud of her. Every day she works out for herself but today it was to honor others in need of support and a reminder that we stand with them through their fight.


Team Heat and Swole

On this day the reason these women kept going wasn’t just for one woman. That day the reason they kept going was for ALL women.


Team Kipping it Real!!!

If you are looking for a fun, intense, fulfilling experience, I highly recommend you go witness a Girls Gone RX competition. They are free and packed with motivation.

Till next time <3


-House of Alice Rose- 


Photography Credits: ChalkMonkey CrossFit


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