A peek. These are the lady competitors you will get to meet in the next couple of weeks.

A peek- These are the lady competitors you will get to meet in the next couple of weeks.

As you all know October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among American women and the only way to beat  it is by raising awareness and to continue  on searching for a cure for those fighting against it.  Girls Gone RX is a competition that focuses on promoting awareness and contributing towards the cause.  Many crossfit boxes invite their athletes to create teams and join the good fight by training to perform with all their hearts. This year Houston’s event will be held at the Crossfit EaDo box which is the city’s top crossfit box.  The competition consist of Crossfit work outs at the RX level (recommended level), what this means is that none of the work outs are scaled down. The competitors are there to perform at the hardest level as a tribute to those fighting for their lives.

HoAR will be following two competing teams from one of our local crossift box, Chalkmonkey Crossfit. Tune into our social media for the next couple of weeks for a close up on crossfit,  the competitors, what training looks like for these ladies,  and how they are preparing both physically and mentally.



The day of the competition we will be documenting and showing you how this fitness community comes together to support the Breast Cancer fight. There will be teams from all over Houston and Galveston.

For more information on the competition follow their Facebook page , tickets are currently on sale.

Girls Gone RX Houston

“The best protection is early detection.” For tips on how to stay healthy please visit HoAR’s breast cancer awareness article below.

Breast Cancer Awareness By Marisol Belmares

Stay aware dolls,

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