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Freedom: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

What is freedom to you??


It is June, and y’all know that means we are kicking off HoAR’s Health and Fitness Month. This year we wanted to start it  with this ‘good for the soul’ post.

We are in the era of the constant pursuit of happiness, which has itself become a burden. We’ve lost ourselves in that journey. So lost that we have become self centered even self poisonous. Recently I placed myself on a life detox. I removed “happiness” from the finish line and I have also removed the finish line. After running a half marathon, I realized that life is not a race, and happiness is not the trophy. To compare our life to a race is silly. My ultimate goal for the life detox is not happiness but acceptance. Acceptance of life, the good and bad. My Life Detox consists of me doing things that will feed my soul, being honest, take social media breaks, stop looking for happiness, stop the comparisons, don’t do sh*t that create stress, don’t entertain negativity, stop focusing on the unattainable, rest, start your day early, be organized and give your self the freedom to be yourself. That last one you are probably like, “Oh God” I’ve seen those “Be unapologetically you” posts a millions times (rolls eyes). However, how many times have you apologized or felt shame for feeling sad, hurt, left out, angry, annoyed, lonely, jealous, greedy, or even depressed in the past month? As if there is something wrong with YOU?. ……There is nothing wrong with you/us. You/we are human, so just be that and place your f*cks where they belong. Feed the emotion that will give you the most peace. I choose to feed my happy emotions these days because happy is an emotion but not my goal.  Yep that is where my f*cks are going. Let yourself be human and deal with other humans in a human manner. Don’t put others on a pedestal and place your self at their feet. The minute we do that, that is the minute we give up our inner peace/freedom.


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 Then what is my goal you ask? My goal is freedom.