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Fitness Plateaus


Your health should always be priority. You don't need endless workout hours and perfect diet. One or the other will do just fine. I workout to eat and because feeling strong and fit makes me happy.

Your health should always be priority. You don’t need endless workout hours and a perfect diet. One or the other will do just fine. I workout to eat and to wear fashion that I never felt comfortable wearing before. In addition feeling strong and fit makes me happy. A happy me is a confident me.


I recently signed up for a marathon to run towards peace and success….(dramatic pause) Let’s be honest! I also discovered that running is the holy grail of weight loss. At least it is for me. I am a 32 year old food lover and I finally figured out what workout works for my body, mind and metabolism. My workout routine is essential because my self control when it comes to food is weak. Although I eat wholesome the majority of the time, my biggest dilemma is currently my own belief that I can eat recklessly more often than I should because I run a lot. This mentality often causes me to hit plateaus. I get stuck.




What have I been doing to get unstuck lately? I’ve been juicing. Last month I reached out to my friend Julia, from Julia Cooks Organic Food Truck, and she hooked me up with three days worth of her award-winning juices. So for two days I juiced. Honestly by the third day I wanted food. In the two days I did juice, I dropped 7lbs, my body felt revitalized and light. Even my skin benefited. I gained about 4 lbs back after I incorporated my normal solid food back into my diet. 3 lbs is still a big win for me. The juicing also helped with restarting my metabolism. Julia’s juices provide all the nutrition and vitamins necessary. It will flush your system out and it will make you feel like a million bucks. If you follow her instructions accordingly a healthy weight loss may be achieved. The juices are super yummy and filling. They are also affordable in comparison to other juice bars. I highly recommend her juices and if you mention House of Alice Rose, she will give you a 10% off on a 5 day juice supplies.





“It’s not easy being fit or even finding the energy to do much else besides chasing my 2 year old around these days. I’m realistic in knowing I don’t want it to get out of hand. I currently don’t have the extra time, energy, or even much desire (if im being real) to take time away from my son to work out. However, I can control my nutrition intake and I do. I don’t have a sweet tooth so that helps. I never use salt on anything, aside from whatever sodium the food I’m eating already contains.I prefer home cooked over eating out and if I do eat out, I try to make healthy choices. I do have days when I crave chips and Starbucks but I’m human and allow myself to indulge. I use my Apple Watch to set goals for: Steps per day, active calories burned, and even “standing” hours to help motivate me. I’ve tried and loved juicing before when I need a boost or restart.  This also helps when I feel I’ve hit a fitness wall .




It’s important that I remind myself that after 5 years of trouble conceiving, fertility treatments, and a failed pregnancy; my body works just fine, fit or not. But that doesn’t mean I have to just let go and give up. Any step towards health & fitness is a great one.”


What I gathered from both Lidia’s and my way of dealing with fitness setbacks is that better nutrition is the answer. That is the key guys! I hope we inspired you to fight through those annoying fitness walls. If you want more information on Julia, follow her on Facebook, Julia Cooks Organic & More Food Truck and Instagram, Julia Cooks Organic Food Truck.