Fall…tis the season I do just that; I ‘FALL’ in love even deeper with accessories and layers. I mean, that’s no breaking news right, fall means layers as we transition into cooler weather. But my love for accessorizing awakens in fall! I am obsessed with the small details. I love to finish off a basic tee & jeans with some beautiful goodies. Summer is usually too hot for me to want to add anything more on my body; I usually want to take stuff off LOL! But fall, we’ll it’s cuddling season. 

When you work on adding layers, remember to accentuate your favorite body part. Don’t add bulk to areas you are uncomfortable with…just a tip from a thicker girl. 😉

I’m huge on textures and visuals. If it makes me want to touch it or it makes me want to stare, then I want it! Houston’s weather calls for light fabrics so I opted for this off the shoulder blouse with flowing sleeves as my eye catcher. Jeans are a permanent staple but my accessories I love trendy; cue the bamboo peek a boo purse and embroidered booties. 

Remember its all about the accessories, you can dress anything up or down as needed. No need to go buy a whole new seasonal wardrobe, just add a scarf, a boot, or a trendy duster and you’re ready for fall! Fashion is meant to be fun and unique to you. Wear what makes you feel your best and don’t take it so seriously. Have fun ‘fall’ing this season! 




Location: Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes National Seashore, California.

Something about this season that magically gets you high off of nostalgia. Warm couches, spooky movies and pumpkin flavor sweets in your belly.

As for fashion, sweaters, jackets and maroon lips it’s the jam. This year, I am all about the knit sweaters and bell sleeve. I love pairing the permanent residents in my closet with the current trends. This year I am also feeling the white boots/booties which is the current trend. I bought a pair for $35 and I plan on wearing them out. As you know hehe, my new home, California has the most delicious weather. I can get away with wearing boots and long sleeves every fall day.

I love exploring and what can I say? Everything I do, I do in style. I am at the age that I can no longer deny anything about my identity. Fashion is part of my entity so I own it. This year The Salted Hippie (Kemah, TX) gave me a piece that wasn’t only season appropriate but also high fashion and affordable. It made me feel just how I wanted to feel on a fall day out exploring one of the most beautiful places in northern California.

Feel! That is my word this season. Make it yours too. Embrace the season, take it in, drink your pumpkin latte girl and find those pieces that make you FEEL exactly how you want to feel during Fall 2018.

~ Izzy <3

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