Hello Fall!

Walking into fall like…
Dress by H&M
Jacket by Victoria’s Secret
Shoes by Zara
Clutch by Kate Spade
Hair by SOS Salon Unisex

Nice to see you again, oh how I missed thee. Although Houston’s fall is not the fairest of them all, I do enjoy the bits of cool breeze and the feel you get when a new season is among us.

Pops of color just work. Think outside the black and white + pop of color.

My fall go to piece is of course my Taco Truck Clutch by Kate Spade. It’s currently my baby. It never gets old, perfect conversation starter, and it goes with everything. Taco Tuesday everyday!!

As for my wardrobe just like the seasons, it changes.

Houston is hot, therefore I can get away with denim shorts in October.
Blouse by VCheri
Shorts by H&M
Booties by Collin Stuart
Trench Coat is Thrift Find

This year “edgy & sexy” have been my thing. I explored and thought outside Izzy’s closet.  Currently, I am stocked up on autumn shades and velvety fabrics. Boots and booties, yass to all that. I am a bit of a fashion hoarder so most of my pieces are repeats and since I am on a budget, this year thrift stores and clearance sales were my best friends. As for trends, velvet fabrics are actually back!! Laces, denim and bum chic is still a thing thanks to Yeezy Season (Kayne West).  Give it a try, rock some sweats and booties if you wish to give this trend a chance. Fall instills feelings that take me back to some of my happiest days, it is unexplainable.  If you can relate, I urge you to let go. Let the autumn joy in and allow your wardrobe to reflect it.

Dancing of joy because this trench coat was only $1 at my local thrift store. Get out and explore y’all!! Izzy’s Photography by Ember Faith Photography 

As leaves fall and nature begins to rid of the old,  lets wait on the new in style. Wear something outside your comfort zone and embrace the growth. Till next time  ❤️



Mini backpacks, reflective lenses, and velvet…yes please!
Backpack by Louis Vuitton
Sneakers by Chanel
Sunglasses from Amazon


Like Izzy said, velvet is everywhere right now! I’m especially loving sneakers as my toddler is only getting more active and my job picks up speed for the holidays. Comfort is key for me always (except those rare GNO or date nights when I want to go glam).  The sporty/bum chic trend is a perfect match for sneakers as they can be worn with almost anything.

I always say yes to a little sparkle, especially when it involves Frida Kahlo!
Leather Cap by Bebe
Oversized Denim Jacket by Hija de tu Madre Boutique
Skinny Jeans by Old Navy
Sneakers by Nike

As the weather cools down, try the super chic oversized denim jacket. This handmade Frida Kahlo one is definitely going to be my go to piece for the season. There’s something so flattering about denim, its the perfect finishing touch to your fall ensemble.

With the changing of the season comes the change and mood of colors. Olives, rustic oranges, and the vibrant embroidered textiles are visible all over the runways. With that being said I have to confess that I usually don’t invest on a new wardrobe often. I’m pretty frugal when it comes to clothes actually, a lot of what is in my closet tends to be 3-6 years old. My mind changes super frequently (and my weight too if we’re being real!) so when it comes to fashion, for me expensive clothes is a no go. Accessories and purses are different though! 😍 I feel a deep love for them, lol, so saving my pennies and investing in them is more my style. I can accessorize a 3 seasons ago sweater or $5.99 dress with a nicer piece and I don’t have to always buy new clothes or shoes. Whatever works for you and your finances, do that!

Bye Summer…Hello boot season!
Shades by Chanel
Dress by ChicMe
Purse by Louis Vuitton
Embroidered Booties by The Salted Hippie Boutique

Always remember fashion is universal, you make it your own, and it’s meant to be fun not stressful! Fall can be so effortless. Besides, its my fave season and my birthday time. Speaking of which, stay tuned for a fun giveaway coming soon.



“Fall” in love with the season and showcase your style and mood through your own fashion sense.



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