Izzy's fall look

For a little touch of Vogue add some edgy colored gloves to your look. Even if it is not cold put them on, they will help protect you against bacteria. 😉 The heel on these booties are very high for my taste but I love them.

Colors changing, fallen leaves and the fashion, fall has arrived. This fall we are seeing the blush colors transitioning very effortlessly. Silk fabrics are right back in trend like Tommy Hilfiger during Fashion Week New York. There is also another trend that has been building up since early summer that I am absolutely in love with. That is the lingerie look. It was started by Nude lingerie designer Nikki Mudarris and is now trending with the Kardashians, (yes I cannot stand them but they are fashion’s trendy royalty right now). Anyways, if you will follow this trend make sure the lingerie pieces you choose to wear during the day are flattering and appropriate. In other words keep it classy 😉 .


My trench coat is almost four years old and I am still in love with it. One of my favorite purchases ever. My bodysuit is a lingerie piece from H&M, I got it for $17.99. Trench & jeans by H&M. Boots by Colin Stuart.

Trench coats and peacoats are always in, they are a great investment because they are also winter season relevant therefore you will be able to use them for a while. If you are on a budget like me the item to pick up this season is a pair of knee-high suede boots. Any color will do. This fall you will see me wearing a lot of jeans coupled with long sleeve tees and message tees under peacoats or blazers. I am also stocking up on scarves and knee high socks. Want to sexy it up? You can find affordable body fitting long sleeve jersey material dresses or a sweater dress style in almost every clothing store. Perfect with boots, booties or dark pantyhose and pumps.



Message tees and blazers. Feeling some shades of grey 😉


Lidia's Fall 2016

Boots and cardigans are a Fall staple. Luckily for me, both were gifted to me a few days ago for my bday! I kept things neutral and comfy in jeans and tank top while adding a layer of warmth with this look.

I am a Fall girl! Boots, scarves, and the hats, oh I love all sorts of hats! For me, Fall is an extension of summer. Most Houstonians will agree, Fall is the slightly less hot version of summer, LOL. We still see some low 90’s and 80’s temperatures around town. For that reason, I don’t tend to run out and shop for a new season’s wardrobe. Luckily for me this year, I received several amazing gifts that worked great to use for Fall. I usually just start to add layers as the temperatures drop and gravitate more towards the darker shades. (Who am I kidding??! I love darker shades all year long!) This is my take on fall, for those still hot Houston days, while still adding some trendy pieces.

It's all about the accessories for me! Bomber jackets are all over right now along with the reflective or mirror lenses.

It’s all about the accessories for me! To achieve this Pink lady look I’m wearing an H&M Bomber jacket that was a bday gift from my Izzy. Rose gold tinted shades from Louis Vuitton. Knitted bonnet I borrowed (stole) from my sister lol.

Bomber jackets and reflective/mirror frames are all the rave right now. You can find both of these trendy accessories just about anywhere in all shades and colors! I don’t feel you have to leave behind your favorite color in Fall, just find pieces that are seasonal friendly: jackets, gloves, hats, boots, etc. My fave as I mentioned before, are knee-high boots! I have several styles and colors on hand for when I need a little warmth and sexiness. 😉

Personally, fall makeup for me is fun! I can bring out my fave dark bold lips and just be. Many of us aren’t ready to let go of that summer glow so bronzer and highlight are still key for this season. Other than that, darken up your eyes and lips, and let the flavors of fall make you feel all warm and cozy!


Fall 2016 makeup

To achieve this look I used another bday gift, the Too Faced Chocolate Shop set (Thanks to my sissy, Nidia! <3 ) I used the set’s eyeshadows and bronzer. The highlight is by my fave YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill’s face palette. My lips are from NYX Simply Vamp Lipcream in the shade She Devil.


These are only a few of our Fall fave looks and trends. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more looks, trends, and styles we are loving this season! ❤️💋

We wish you a cozy and chic Fall,


-House of Alice Rose-

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