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I’ve gotten a few questions recently from first time viewers, repeat readers, and friends that I’d like to address to further explain who we are and what House of Alice Rose means to us.

House of Alice Rose was a collaborated idea that came to life with the hard work of my amazing friend Izzy and myself. We wanted a place where us women of all ages, race, and lifestyles could come to for all things women power! Whether you are a shoe junkie, sexy wife, fashion diva, hot momma, or a single beauty we want House of Alice Rose (or HoAR as we lovingly nicknamed it lol) to be the one stop shop for all of your womanly needs ;). We hope you feel as welcomed as if you were at your best girlfriends house!

Here is a little insight on HoAR:

Essential of the Month– We wanted to give you all a quick monthly tip on what we consider should be an essential in your closet, purse, or make up tote. These articles will include a brief description of what the “Essential” is for that month, a few tips on how or why to use, and some pictures for your reference.

Inspirational Women– These posts will most likely be written by guest authors (But there might be a few we write about someone that inspires us). They are very personal and inspiring stories that give us a glimpse into other women’s lives, struggles, and success. These post were meant to take you into their life in hopes of inspiring us to never give up no matter what life throws at us.

Business Women– These posts will inform us of products or services offered by business women. Most of these women are self employed and have gained success and independence through their hard work and persistence. In all of these posts we will ask for their advice, opinion, and tips on how we could possibly reach their level of success.

Make Overs– These will not be as frequent as some of the other posts, but will definitely be great to look at. We offer these to fellow women who want and are ready for a boost of confidence and a touch of glamour. We don’t like to point out their flaws or fashion mistakes so we don’t focus on the before shots… The make overs will bring you joy to see how quickly and easily a woman can feel pampered and beautiful with the help and support of a girlfriend 🙂

Seasonal Posts– With Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter comes change. Therefor we will post and showcase trends and styles that can help you look your best during these times. These are great posts to check out if you feel you need help keeping up with the fashion trends.

About Us– This page offers a little more info on who Izzy and Lidia are. Click here if you want to get to know us a little more.

Our Faves– A compilation of some of our favorite people, services, and sites. Check them out!

Contact Us– If you ever have a question, tip, or topic you’d like to see us talk about this is the place to do so. Send us a quick email and we will gladly respond either privately or through our site (however you choose).

-Our social accounts are also a great way to stay in contact with us: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As always thank you for allowing us to come into your life for a moment through our site. We love hearing from you so never hesitate to leave a comment and tell us what you think. 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe!

–House of Alice Rose–