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Essential of the Month- September 2012

As September rolls in so does the fall season. What better time to talk about scarves?!! For this month’s Essential we’re wanted to show you some of our fave ways to rock a scarf the whole year round. 😉


wearing more than one scarfThe great thing about scarves is that price or brands don’t really make or brake this accessory! You can look just as good wearing a scarf from Target or one from Hermes…it’s all about owning it. So go ahead and ‘FALL’ in love with the scarf.bow tie scarf


Try more than one at the same time for a cool twist. Mix it up with some big statement earings, bracelet or cocktail ring(choose one big piece at the time). Tie it, knot it, wrap it or make a bow with it. Scarves are fun and versatile.



For a cool spring/summer look, stick to the pastels, bright, or loud patterns. Also remember to choose fabrics that are relevant to the season like sheers, silks, and fresh cotton.

Spring Scarves

Check out these sheer scarves featured in Northern Virginia Magazine. These would be great for Spring & Summer!


Fall calls for those oranges and browns. Choose the color of your scarf the way you choose your white chocolate mocha, with a little pumpkin spice. Fall is fun because we are allowed to just follow the color of the leaves, pick scarves that compliment you and nature(We highly advice when wearing boots to try to choose a scarf that will compliment them also).  In the winter, we like to play with the blacks and the whites when it comes to scarves. The thicker and warmer, the better to keep you cozy! :).

celebrities wearing scarves

These celebrities have the right idea for keeping warm while still being trendy with scarves!

A scarf can go even beyond and work as an accessory! Use it as a head wrap, head band, belt or even necklace! So go ahead and stock up. Try out a scarf and let us know how you use it and how you liked it. 🙂


Until Next Month,

-House of Alice Rose-