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Essential of the Month- Feb. 2012

Have you ever heard that shoe love is true love? Let ‘s be honest, shoes are a fetish to many. Prints, solids, wedges, sandals, pumps, even flats. Love them all. It is why HoAR is proud to announce the red heel as our first essential of the month . So fitting since February is the month of love. The color red is powerful, unforgettable and sexy. It’s the universal color of passion. However, even a passionate woman has vulnerable moments, but would you consider a women in red heels vulnerable? I don’t think so. Go ahead. Try it. Camouflage the feelings created by a bad day with red heels. I guarantee no one will notice you’re having one. They will be too busy admiring your power strut and the fact that “today” your legs look extra long. Whether you’re going to a PTA meeting, dinner and a movie, a night out on the town, your biology class or you feel daring enough to try that sexy pin up look you love on Katy Perry; red heels should always be a must in your closet. Try red heels with all the colors of the rainbow and any pattern your heart desires. HoAR considers red a complimentary color so compliment your outfits away.
If you are a comfort belle, that’s cool too. Fashion loves all, so try a smaller heel or nice patent ruby red flat.


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