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Essential of the Month- Feb 2015

Skin Routine!!!!

No make up , just skin.

No make up , just skin.

Yes ma’am, you heard right. We are talking skin care and all its gore and glory. First and most importantly, do you ladies have a skin care regimen? If you don’t, why not? Think about it, your face is the first thing you present when interacting with others. When you look in the mirror 80% of the time it’s to look at your face. Whether you are applying makeup or doing your hair, your face is “the” point of interest. They don’t call it the money maker for nothing. Now, when I say skin routine that includes your whole body. The face should be on point but so should your legs, arms, and everything else.


Neutrogena Organic

Neutrogena Naturals

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and for the love of God, wash your face before going to bed please!! Here is my skin regiment, including my favorite products. I use mostly organic products. My favorite; and I swear by them are made by Sweet Face by Rocio. Her products are the best thing that has ever happened to me on Instagram. I also use the Neutrogena Natural face wash, I am looking for an organic one but haven’t found one yet.

The night treatment oil is life, I use it as night moisturizer. The Rose Milk moisturizer it's my everyday moisturizer, I wear it under my foundation.  The Cara Miel Mask, I have do once a week.

The night treatment oil is life, I use it as night moisturizer. The Rose Milk moisturizer it’s my everyday moisturizer, I wear it under my foundation. The Cara Miel Mask, I do twice a week.

I scrub (exfoliate) my face once a week and do one of Sweet Face’s masks twice a week. Now, the face scrub I am currently using is very expensive, it is amazing but I would not recommended due to the high price. I was at Sak’s Fifth Avenue and the lady sweet talked me into buying it, but never again. I will be ordering one of Sweet Face‘s scrubs very soon. If you do give Sweet Face a try, I suggest patience. It is a high quality small business ran by one woman and it could take 4-6 weeks for you to receive your merchandise. But let me tell you, it will be worth it!



Now, I am going to be honest; because I focus so much on taking care of my face, I often forgot about the rest of my body. When we decided to write about skin regimens, I took a month and created a skin regimen for the rest of my body. Although, I would love to use organic products for my body, truth be told, I love Dove soap and I don’t know if I could give it up. Every day I shower (I shower twice a day on work out days but only use body soap once a day) I prefer bar soap. I started to lotion up twice a day once in the morning and once before bed. I use homemade sugar scrub (Honey, sugar, and some coconut oil) once a week. My skin has become so soft in very little time. Try it!!




I am not the healthiest, but if you follow my personal Instagram or happen to be one of my Facebook friends you are probably aware of how hard I try to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating clean is very important to me because the minute I don’t, it reflects on my skin. I eat a lot of greens and stay away from fried foods, chocolate, and any type of nut. Every Sunday in my home is “meal prep” day. It benefits my fitness and my beauty. 😉

Eat your greens, proteins and keep them clean.

Eat your greens, proteins and keep them clean.

I also highly recommend a gallon of water a day. If you don’t like water, try the fruit infused waters. I love water so, I haven’t tried fruit infused water yet. I promise, a gallon of water a day is the best thing you can do for your skin. I dare you to try it for a month, you will see changes within days.

1 Gallon a day.

1 Gallon a day.








Cucumber and lime infused water.

Cucumber and lime infused water.










With most of us owning a smart phone and having children it’s nearly impossible to build a good habit for resting. We need sleep ladies. It minimizes stress, puffy looking faces, under eye dark circles, and so much more! We should be sleeping between six to eight hours every night. Make it a priority.

Budget and Time

Ladies, I am aware that we are all either working mothers, wives, friends and so on. However, my regimen is probably 3 hours out of my whole week. That is over estimating but not including showers. I mean, don’t we all deserve a little time for ourselves??!! Even with Kairi standing by my side “mommying” away I managed to get my skin routine done. Since most of my stuff is organic, I often include her and hope that one day it becomes a habit for her also. For working women, time for themselves is a luxury. I totally get it, but if we don’t stop to breath and take care of ourselves, nobody else will. Make time ladies. Your body, soul, and future will appreciate it. As for money, its is important that you explore for good deals. Sweet Face it’s extremely affordable.  There also a lot of home facials that you could make on your own with stuff you already have in your pantry. Ladies, Google and Pintrest.  My beauty budget depends on me cutting back on my eating out ;).

Happy mommy/wife= Happy life for everyone including ourselves.

If you have any questions regarding skin routines, don’t  be shy, email us <3.

Till next time,

– House of Alice Rose