Cinco de Mayo is one of the most colorful days of the year. I love the history behind it and no it is not the day the Mexicans claimed their independence. It is the day the Mexican Army was victorious against the French Army at the Battle of Puebla.

Stay with me though because this is not a history lecture. In honor of the Battle of Puebla, I will be sharing my own Chilaquiles recipe. What are chilaquiles you ask? They are a Mexican breakfast delicacy: corn tortillas lightly fried and coated with a sauce. Usually served with eggs, beans, avocado and queso fresco. Which is how I serve it. I am a traditional girl, I like modern culinary fusion but I prefer simple on my plate. Here it goes.

Izzy'a Chilaquiles

Izzy’s Chilaquiles


9 Chiles anchos, 6 Jalapeños, 2 tomatoes, 1/4 of yellow onion, 2 garlic cloves, and handful of cilantro.

Boil anchos, jalapeños, tomatoes and yellow onion. When you see tomatoes starting to peel due to the temperature of the water, take the pot off the fire. In a small blender combine all cooked ingredients, add raw garlic cloves and cilantro. Blend ingredients and allow it to cool down until room temperature. Cut your tortillas in tiny squares and place them in a frying pan with about one table spoon of oil. Use about six tortillas, fry until lightly crispy and add a couple of spoons of your sauce. Cook for about five more minutes and season depending on your preference. I serve it with an over medium egg on top of the chilaquiles, black beans, avocado and some queso fresco. Buen provecho!!

Brunch I prepared for two of my favorite girlfriends.

Brunch I prepared for two of my favorite girlfriends.


Till next time!!


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