13 January 2017

10 months ago, I realized I had to deal with some things that would be hard and that would end up changing so much about me. I needed something that would motivate me to move forward. So, I signed up for a half marathon; which is something I always wanted to do but never really felt like I had the discipline to commit to. I’d never been a runner before.


I still remember the first time I ran my first 1.5 miles but I felt like a true bad ass the first time I ran my first 5 miles. It felt great. The more I ran, the more I gained. I noticed my body responding to the running within weeks. My diet benefitted, my body started to crave the right things. The running curb my appetite therefore I learned to eat only when I was hungry. When I did become hungry I focused on a balanced plate that consisted of good carbs, protein and vegetables.  As the number of miles grew so did the amount of good carbs I could have. Honestly, I continued on taking care of my diet but I never became strict. I allowed myself one cheat meal every time I ran more than 6 miles.

The first time I saw my body in different light. I truly fell in love with myself that night and embraced it. It is not vanity thing but a self-love thing.

This night was the first time I saw my body in a different light(not talking photography haha). I truly fell in love with myself through running. It is not a vanity thing but a self-love thing.

I ran through a lot of feelings. I ran when I felt heartbroken, angry, happy or lost. I ran at all different times of the day. I made myself run as early as 4 AM and as late as 10 PM. It was important that I did not let myself make excuses. Any two hours a day I could get for myself I was determined to run, so I did. I ran 4 to 6 times a week. Nope, not once did I feel that it was unhealthy for me. Sometimes I ran 3 miles other days I ran 10 miles. I committed to a schedule of one or two long runs a week (5 miles or more) and the rest of the runs, I allowed my body to dictate the distance. I became obsessed with watching my body change, the more it changed the more I wanted to take care of it.

When I ran, I cleared my mind sometimes I cried, sometimes I laughed but at the end of every run I sprinted and envisioned myself finishing my half marathon; the one thing in the world I didn’t think I could achieve.

15 January 2017

Sleeping was impossible but it did not really matter, I was up at 4:30 AM and today I was running a half marathon. Today my house would become my own, Lion would finally be moved out.

I did not read one thing in my runner’s package (I should have), but I am glad my friend Tracy did. The event was very well organized. There were thousands of runners signed up and we never had to wait in lines for longer that 5 minutes.  The energy was amazing. So many people from all over the world were there to run. If you are thinking about your first marathon, the Chevron Houston Marathon is definitely the one.


You are assigned a starting coral depending on your speed. Our coral was Coral E, my friend Javier met Tracy and I there. At exactly 7:30 AM, there was no turning back. I felt so happy to be running. I knew at the end I would be free, free from ever questioning myself again.



Running among thousands was exhilarating. It’s a feeling that I cannot explain. There was entertainment at every mile and a lot of encouragement from families there to watch their loved ones. I got emotional a couple of times. The run got hard when I realized I never trained with other runners, the constant change in speed tired me out and by the 10th mile my pace was not where I wanted to be. I sprinted mile 11 & 12. I try to the 13th but it was the longest most painful mile of my life.


Actually, I can.

My dad use to bring us to this spot all the time when my siblings and I were little. If he was there to watch me run, I imagined this is the spot who was watching me from.

My dad used to bring us to this spot all the time when my siblings and I were little. If he was still here to watch me run, I imagine this is the spot he was watching me from.

I didn’t plan for anybody to be waiting for me at the end, I knew my friend Emily was there because I had seen her at mile 6, she brightened my heart. As I ran the last fourth of a mile I felt relief, I could feel the tears building up and then I heard my sister and my daughter in the bleachers. The tears went away.  I felt nothing but joy, I have never felt so proud of myself. “Mommy, you did it. You are so awesome. You ran a half marathon mom. Can I wear your medal?” I had accomplished what I thought was unattainable.

Tracy and I after we demolished that half marathon.

Tracy and I after we demolished that half marathon.

My goal was 13:30 a mile. I beat that goal.

My goal was 13:30 a mile. I beat that goal.


We were created human but not limitless. God gave us free will not for us to be ordinary. You want to do something? Trust your will, work hard and DO IT!!!

If you have any questions about half marathons. Send me an email, I will be happy to help.
**Special thanks to my marathoner friend Jeannette for the inspiration and support.**



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