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Building your Assets

Express clearance under $20 tan sandals. Black HM studded sandals under $30. Endless spring look options with these lovelies <3.

Express clearance under $20 tan sandals. Black H&M studded sandals under $30. Endless Spring look options with these lovelies <3.

Being on budget is as painful as being on a diet, and I am constantly shying away from diets and saying no to my fashion demanding little heart. It is a constant inner battle. My mother always compared me to Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She would always say that like my favorite Disney character, I also reside in Wonderland.  When it comes to my personal finances, I can’t help but to wonder how right my mom was. You see, although I do make a very nice paycheck, I don’t quite make Louis Vuitton money. It is important that I remind myself not to get reckless. Saving for a nice pair of shoes is a must in order to remain grounded and financially comfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, I have swiped my credit card for a lovely pair of Gucci shoes before, and yes I felt somewhat irresponsible. Not as bad as I felt when I spent around $700 of my tax return money on a fabulous pair of Valentinos.  Don’t judge me just yet… I did save the rest of the refund and my daughter’s college is paid for.  Those shoes made me happy. Shoes are more than just “money spent” to me. They are art.


In reality, as much as I try to make my habits sound innocent and harmless, the truth is, they are little money sucking habits.  In total, I’ve spent a couple grand on shoes and other fashion items in the past couple of years.  As many of you may know I am in the military which requires me to relocate every couple of years. This year, I am leaving Alaska and heading to the lower 48.  For the first time ever I am considering purchasing my own home.  Those couple grand I spent on shoes could have really come in handy right now, but what is done is done. I don’t cry over spilled milk, or more pleasantly, I don’t cry over bought shoes.  I realized it was officially time for a change. Time to get all my finances in order.  The biggest task is to stop spending unnecessary money!!!
USAA My Account Tools tab

USAA My Account Tools tab


With tax season around the corner, I am determined to save every single penny returned to me. Again, I have to also cut back on a lot reckless spending. One of my main priorities is of course to remain fashionable. I did some shopping research and put some outfits together all under $150 each and all consist of reusable pieces. So fashion on a budget its possible ladies!! My goal is to remind you dolls about the importance of financial stability. I know we have said this before but I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with clearance shopping, especially when we are focusing on our SAVINGS account. Yes, that also includes minimizing debt, or even better, setting up a retirement plan. In the past we have talked about the benefits and dangers of credit cards. Remember that nothing on credit is an asset to you, you will have to pay credit back and often have to pay high interest rates along with it. This year focus on savings, build yourself and your net worth.  Clean your credit report up and build goals. There are many tools out there to help with monitering your score. Many banks also offer other finance tools and I am sure in this day and age everyone owns a bank account. Set up an online account under your bank and check out what tools they have available.


I stoles this from one of my Facebook friends and so far I am on week 7. Give it a try. Print out the money saving table and highlight a week away every time you make a deposit.  Stress free savings.

I stole this from one of my Facebook friends and so far I am on week 7. Give it a try. Print out the money saving table and highlight a week away every time you make a deposit. Stress free savings.


As strong women, it is important to always save money for a rainy day. Finance experts say that one should have at least 6 months worth of monthly income in one’s savings account.  That sounds nearly impossible, but you can start little by little. Put yourself on budget and set boundaries. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard was to give yourself a weekly allowance. Withdraw your weekly allowance and place it in an envelope. Once the money is gone, it is gone. Also, budget a good grocery trip.  Be realistic and buy food that you enjoy eating. Wasted groceries = wasted money. Another good advice is to always budget your paycheck before you actually receive it. Make responsible plans for it and don’t forget to throw some in your savings. We all have our thing; the thing we love to splurge on and that is ok. We just have to remember to once in a while slow down and place our “thing” on the back burner to show our savings account some love.  Little debt, BIG savings is the way!!!
Till next time my darlings,
~House of Alice Rose~


HM Dress $5 (clearance), Guess Marciano booties $39.99, HM Necklace under $10, and horsery under $10.

H&M Dress $5 (clearance), Guess Marciano booties $39.99, H&M Necklace under $10, and horsey under $10.


H&M blazer under $30, Victoria's Secret pants $19.99, H&M sweater $19.99, H&M necklace under $40, Colin Stuart boots $39.99.

H&M blazer under $30, Victoria’s Secret pants $19.99, H&M sweater $19.99, H&M necklace under $40, Colin Stuart boots $39.99.