Queen Bey teasing on the big screen before coming out!

Queen Bey teasing on the big screen before coming out!

Come along with Lidia, Izzy, and Ashley (HoAR’s go-to make up artist) as they retell their experience during Beyonce’s latest concert!


" Work of Art" Body suit and yellow Culottes by Zara. Studded strappy sandals by H&M and sleeveless trench I purchase at Sears.

“Work of Art” body suit and yellow Culottes by Zara. Studded strappy sandals by H&M and sleeveless trench I purchased at Sears.

Beyonce has done it again, she dropped Lemonade and made the world stop.  Now that we have carried on with our lives…lol. We purchased tickets for her Formation Tour months before the event. The concert included songs from her past albums, our fave Bey anthems, and her most current, Lemonade. Again, I was blessed enough to experience Yonce with one of my fellow honey bees and bff, Lidia. This time we also had Ashley join us, our favorite Mac make up artist, close friend and honey bee as well.  We had a blast during this perfect girls’ night !! Beyonce has to be one of the most iconic performers. I truly see the work she puts into  her craft and it inspires me. She may not be everybody’s cup of tea but she doesn’t have to be. She brings attention to topics that she feels strong about through her music and I respect that. Her personal life is truly none of my business, I am there for the music and to have a good time. I love her pro-women attitude but other than that she is neither an idol to me or my spiritual guide; so I enjoy her guilt-free and proud!!! Back to the concert, I mean she is from Houston and she did not disappoint. DJ Khaled opening was fantastic, he pumped up the crowd  and we were ready to party. He had local artist join him on stage and man oh man did it take us back to when we were actually tipping on 4-4s hahaha. We got a chance to see Slim Thug and Paul Wall right before Yonce took us away for a couple of hours. Her love for performing is powerful and she kept it light despite the super “I hate my husband” Lemonade film. There was never a dull moment and she took very little breaks. She kept us on our feet the whole night, so needless to say, it was an epic night.  If you are in an area where she will be performing, I suggest you get in Formation. It is after all the concert of the summer!! -Izzy

Make up by me. I didn't feel like been in costume but I wanted to SLAY so I went with a cat eye and dark lip.

Make up by me. I didn’t feel like being in costume but I wanted to feel like I was there to SLAY so I went with a dramatic eye and dark liquid lipstick by Stila in Chianti.


We were close enough to touch her! ;p

H-town vicious ;)


Ashley aka @GlamGirl228 ready to slay in Formation! 😉

Na na na diva is a female version of a…hustla. This is where my love and respect for Queen Bey comes from. She’s a Hustla, straight out of Houston, the city I was born and raised in. That thought alone brings chills to my body because it tells me that if you grind hard enough, and you’re passionate enough, ANYTHING is possible. So imagine my excitement when I heard Beyoncé was going on tour and she was making a stop in her hometown! Not only did I not go to her last tour, but uh I hadn’t seen Beyoncé perform since Destinys Child!!! I know, SMH lol. All I knew that day was that I was going, and nothing was stopping me even if I went alone! Now keep in mind she hadn’t even dropped an album yet for this tour haha, but I knew was that it was going to be dope whatever it was, and of course Bey never disappoints. Out came Lemonade, and I was in love! It didn’t matter to me if some of the songs I couldn’t personally relate to, I felt the passion behind every single one of them. I loved this album because Bey the queen of her privacy, let us in on her rawness. She reminded us that 10 times out of 9 she’s only human. I had her album on replay the weeks leading up to her show, because you best bet I was going to be singing along the new songs with her! I honestly couldn’t have asked for the two most perfect people to go with! Honey bees themselves, fashionistas, feminists, AMAZING women; yaaasss haha! It was thru my passion for makeup that I met the beautiful Izzy & Lidia, and every time we are around each other you can feel our vibes from miles away! We are constantly thinking of ways to inspire each other when we are together, and NO dream is too big! These were the PERFECT women to go with. And just as I imagined we danced the night away! Queen Bey is such a natural born entertainer, y’all. If you didn’t get to see her this May I would highly suggest to catch her when she comes back in September. I’m even considering going back for a second cup of Lemonade myself. Keep grinding and keep slaying beautiful people. And always remember, no dream is too big, and anything is possible!

Signing off, Miss Third Ward.
-Ashley Cruz

Swag Sauce

Swag Sauce


Beyonce in all her glory!

Just 3 honey bees dancing the night away! <3

Just 3 honey bees dancing the night away! <3

bad bitch

With no time to shop, I dug in my closet for some comfy but bold pants and my combat boots (cus I’m in Formations after all). I wanted my hair out of my face since I knew I’d be too busy dancing to worry about it so my sister did me the favor of doing some very cool cornrows. I then tied it all together with my surprise Mothers’ Day gift from my hubby, the very chic pink chain and flower Twist bag.

I’m going to be honest…I almost cancelled my plans to go along with these beauties to the concert! *gasp* 😱 After watching Lemonade and feeling like for the first time I couldn’t relate to Queen Bey, I doubted going and enjoying the concert. I was stuck in a rut and I had also been having a really rough mommy week, you know the kind you feel your child is against you and you don’t know what you’re doing?!! But once I came to my senses and took it for what it was; a great girls’ night out with 2 of my fellow fashion/makeup/Beyoncé enthusiasts I got pumped and ready to go. Needless to say, I’m so happy I went. Beyoncé is a natural performer and she didn’t disappoint H-town one bit! We danced and sang the night away as we took selfies and Snapchatted every second (or maybe that was just me lol) of our GNO. Her songs are not just about the lyrics, so the idea of not relating to the hate in some of her melodies drifted away. That definitely was the therapy I needed to turn my bad week around! We were so lucky to have been able to enjoy her voice, many wardrobe changes, and overall presence from such a close distance! I couldn’t have chosen 2 better people to let loose with and enjoy Beyoncé in all her beautiful glory…I’m even debating seeing her again when she returns to Houston in September! 😳 I can’t end my recap without mentioning the fashion…no not Beyoncé’s but her entire Bey-hive! 🐝 Her fans came ready to slay and they did just that! I love anything that has to do with fashion and in particular when I see it before me. So many women, all in one place, all with styles of their own, but all united by music and fashion; now that is a treat! Being in the presence of so many strong and independent women gives me the courage to do me. And by sharing our adventures, ups, and downs with you all we hope we are doing the same for y’all. <3

Till next time divas…


Two fashion besties trying to empower every woman we can reach…just like Beyonce does best!

The fashion was number 1 that night…these girls didn’t come to play, they came to SLAY in FORMATION!

And the end of an amazing night came…The end of an amazing night...-House of Alice Rose-

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