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“Alice Through the Looking Glass” makeup tutorial

As many of you all may be aware of, Alice is going back to Wonderland! And with it being one of Izzy’s fave movies of all time, of course we had to talk about today on its premier day. ☺️

So when Urban Decay announced it was launching a palette inspired by “Alice Through the Looking Glass” I immediately jumped online, preordered, and waited anxiously for it. You see, to me it was the perfect birthday present for my fashion bestie, Izzy! Of course time wasn’t on my side lol. I didn’t receive it till the first week in May so I made it a combo belated/Mommy’s day gift.

Fast forward to today, premier day, and we were lucky enough to have our fave MAC makeup artist and friend Ashley aka GlamGirl228 come to HoAR’s office and shoot a tutorial for us, LIVE!

GlamGirl228She used the palette to show all of us an easy look to rock during this premier weekend. So for those that missed it or didn’t get to see finished product, we have the full live stream here. Since it was live it’s a little longer than expected, but grab your makeup bag and follow along! 💄

Watch, enjoy, and let us know what you think!



-House of Alice Rose-

**The live video cut off a few times, so please click each part to view**

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3: