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I have been thinking a lot about failure lately. Not in the negative light but mainly in what I’ve learned from it.

I packed up and moved a couple of months ago. I headed west for work. I must admit I feel like the runaway bride. As soon as my heart settles and finds love, not talking romantic. As soon as that happens is time to run again. This time Houston gave me a beating so I was ready for a change. Looking back on everything, as I sit on one of the highest hills in my neighborhood(I can see the whole Petaluma city) I forgot the pain. I only remember the good. My crossfit family, my Air Station Houston family, my blogger friends, my childhood girlfriends and my family.

I grown and I can tell because I am at peace. I know what I want and I know those wants will most likely adjust as time caresses me daily. I’ve been humbled, but at the same time I was rebuilt. Assets that didn’t allow me to grow were removed and those necessary for me to bloom were placed there. It’s important that when we feel pain we see how disposable pain actually is. Pain is the weakest feeling because unlike love you will eventually turn it into strength. The more we allow the pain to be the more control we gain. The point is to face it knowing that we will defeat it.

As I move into this new phase of my life, I wish to be a clean slate. I am open to anything and everything including pain and set backs. I have created goals that are mine and only to be influenced by my own evolution as a human.

Here are some rules I have created for myself in hope to maintain my peace and give peace to those who chose to spend time with me. Try them with me <3.

1. Saying “NO” to unwanted plans, projects, or anything that you can’t in good heart commit is not impolite. Is genuine and ultimately is self care.
2. Create your own goals fitting to the person you are, not based on what you see on social media or what others are doing.
3. Be happy for others PERIOD, no questions or buts. We are above no one and we all acquire what we work for. How we worked for what we have achieved is our business only.
4. Be happy with yourself. Progress is progress regardless of how slow or slight movement is happening.
5. Respect money. Not because is of high value but because having respect will open your mind to financial stability appreciation.

In the end, there aren’t no happy endings. Just happy to be continueds……….