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3 Things in San Diego for Free.99

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla’s sceneries remind of Greece. This comparison is based solely on what I’ve seen in pictures because I have never been to Greece, haha.

As soon as you drive in, you’ll either feel like you are in a dream or you will find yourself in a deep stage of Deja Vu. Park in the parking garage across from The Cave store, since it’s only$10 for the entire day.

The cove, seals, sea lions, views of the coastline and perfect free view of the caves are just a walk away.

Allow time to slow down so Mother Nature can sink in but do keep moving because there is much more to see.

Amongst it all to see here,  a beautiful park with the most California style palm trees and whimsical trees that inspired the great Dr. Seuss’ books. All for free!!


Annie’s Canyon Hiking Trail

Short, sweet with just enough intensity to keep you on your toes. Children and animal friendly.

The hike is about 1.75 miles long filled with beautiful desert forestation.  Your hike’s main event will be climbing through the Mushroom caves.

Fascinating white clay walls beautifully decorated by Mother Nature herself and a little graffiti, Ha, it is California after all.

Upon arriving to the caves, be advised that the path gets a little narrow so keep small children close but do not quit.

Keep going because at the end you will find yourself at the top. You don’t want to miss that.

Balboa Park

It’s a whole new world. This park consists of numerous museums including the Natural History museum, Museum of Man and Fine Art Museum. However we are talking free. I didn’t walk into any of the museums.

Instead I enjoyed the beautiful walkways and it’s intriguing architecture. Over 1,000 acres of breathtaking views, botanical sanctuaries, and trees.

Every little corner of this park will take your breath away. If you are okay with spending a couple of bucks, rent a scooter or bike and set yourself lose in the park. I walked it :).

Ps. Check the big rose garden. You are welcome.

We spent three days in San Diego and spent $35 in entertainment. This did not include food. Traveling doesn’t have to break your bank. Now, go grab the family and head over to San Diego. <3